Response Settings

Response Settings

Use this option to allow your respondents to edit their responses after they submit the form. You can choose to provide a link in the Thank You Page or include the link in emails. You can also set the expiration for the response edit link. 

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Include edit link in Thank you Page

You can include a link on the Thank You Page using which your respondents will be able to edit their response. 

  1. Go to Settings > Response settings.
  2. Select Yes for Allow Respondents to Edit Their Response.
  3. Check the Include link in the Thank you page option. 

Now a link to edit form response will be provided in the Thank You page. 

Set expiration for the edit link

Once you enable the option to Allow Respondents to Edit Their Response, you can choose to set the duration for which the edit link should remain active.

To do this:

  1. Select Set expiration for edit link checkbox. 
  2. Choose the desired option for link expiration. You can set the time span for the edit link expiry using either of the following options:

Fixed date & time

  1. Under Choose Date, select the date and time for the edit link expiry.
  2. Under Message on form expiry, enter the message to be displayed to the respondents upon the expiration of the link.

Date & time of submission

  1. Under Expire after, provide the time span from the Date of Submission. You can choose the unit of time span between Hours or Days from the dropdown.
  2. Under Message on form expiry, enter the message to be displayed to the respondents upon the expiration of the link.

Include edit link in the email notifications

  1. Go to Settings > Response settings.
  2. Select Yes for Allow Respondents to Edit Their Response.
  3. Navigate to Email & Notifications and compose the email. Find more details on Email Notifications
  4. Select the Include a link to allow respondents to edit their response checkbox.

Now the email will include a link for the respondents to edit their form response.

Note: This option will be enabled only when Allow Respondents to Edit Their Response is selected as Yes in Response Settings.

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