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Update Existing Record

You can update an existing record in Zoho CRM when a form submission is made using Zoho Forms.

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With the Update Record option in Zoho Forms, you can choose to lookup values from your Zoho CRM modules and edit them using Zoho Forms. The edited values will be replaced in the corresponding Zoho CRM module when you save your submission. 

Limitations of Upsert Record

If you choose the upsert record option, the entire record will be updated with the new values in Zoho CRM, and there is a chance of losing data if blank form fields upsert existing fields in Zoho CRM. A solution to this will be the update record option. With this option, you can choose to view records from Zoho CRM in a form and update particular fields. 

Setup Integration

To update a record in Zoho CRM using Zoho Forms:

  1. Add the Zoho CRM Field to your form and complete the setup
  2. Navigate to Integrations.
  3. Click Zoho CRM and select the Update Record option in the top pane.
  4. The module, layout, and lookup selection chosen while configuring the Zoho CRM Field will be displayed here. 
  5. Map the CRM fields that should be updated to the corresponding fields in your form.
  6. To map more fields, click on the Add Fields button.                                                                               
  7. If you have a Subform in Zoho Forms, you can map the Subform fields to the corresponding Subform fields in Zoho CRM.
  8. Click Integrate to save your settings. 

Note: When you add entries to a Subform field while updating a record, all existing entries in Zoho CRM subform will be erased, and replaced with the new values. 

Distribute prefilled forms from Zoho CRM

With the above setup, you can update records in Zoho CRM using a privately shared form.

To send a prefilled form to a list of people from your CRM database and update their responses in Zoho CRM, 

  1. Complete the setup as shown above in Zoho Forms.
  2. Enable Pre-population of Data in the Zoho CRM marketplace under Setup > Marketplace > Zoho > Zoho Forms
  3. Draft an email or configure a template and add the preconfigured Zoho Forms' link in the email.
  4. Pick your contacts from the Zoho CRM module and send the configured email with a link to a pre-filled form.

Learn more about how this option works.  

Trigger Actions in Zoho CRM:

You can choose to trigger certain actions in Zoho CRM every time a form submission comes in.

Workflow: Select this option to trigger your workflows in Zoho CRM while updating records in Zoho CRM via Zoho Forms.

Attachment: Select this option to add attached files in Zoho Forms to your Zoho CRM account. The following attachments can be pushed from Forms to CRM:

  • Signatures
  • File upload/ Image Upload field attachments
  • Merged documents (attached to email notifications)
  • PDF of form submissions 

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