Getting Started

Create a new account

To create an account in Zoho Forms,

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your details, and click the SIGN UP FOR FREE button.
  3. Alternatively, you can sign-in using your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or your Office 365 account.

Form Builder Language

The form builder supports nine languages in the web version- English, Chinese(Simplified), Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and Italian.

Our mobile app supports eleven languages- English, Chinese(Simplified), Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Japanese, and Hindi.

To change your default language, 

  1. In the form builder, click on your profile picture on the top right and click My Account.
  2. Under Personal Information, change the language and country according to your preference and save your settings. 
  3. The form builder will now be available in your preferred language. 

Note: The default phone language will also be the app language in the Zoho Forms Mobile App. 


Build a new form

There are two different ways to build a form - you can create it from scratch, or you can use the pre-made form templates.

Create a form from scratch

  1. Click on the Let's Get Started button under the Forms tab (If you are creating your first ever form).

  1. Select Blank Form and enter your form's name in the Form Name box.
  2. In the Description box, you can give a textual description of your form (which is optional).

  1. Click Create to open the form-builder screen, where you can start creating your form.

Create a form using templates

We have created numerous templates across various categories, which you can share instantly. You can also customize the templates to meet your requirements.

To use a form template,

  1. Click the New Form button at the top-right corner of your screen.​
  2. From the dialog box, choose the Form Templates option. Now, the Template Gallery screen will open.​

  1. You can use the search bar to search for a template or scroll through the given list of templates.
  2. Select your preferred template and click Use this template button at the top-right corner.
  3. Now the form's builder screen will be displayed, where you can modify, add or delete fields, and change the theme if you wish to​.

Modify form properties

You can change your form's title and description, and set the position of the field labels in your form. To do so, navigate to the top of the form in the builder screen and click the title of your form. Now, you will be able to see the Form Properties panel on the right side (This panel will be displayed by default if you haven't added any field in your form yet).


  • Form title: You can modify the title of your form here.​
    By default, the title will be displayed in the live form. If you wish to hide the title, navigate to Settings General > Basic Settings > Form Header and toggle the switch to Hide.​
  • Description: You can add or modify the description of your form, which will be displayed under the title of your form. It can contain information such as instructions, special notes, etc.​
  • Label placementLabel denotes the name of a field. For example - Single Line, Multi Line, Number, etc. You can adjust the label position (Top, Left or Right) of the fields in your form (which will be applied to your entire form).​​

Form Nickname

Under Form Nickname, you can provide an alternate name to a form for your reference and usage. This name will appear in your form builder as well as in the My Forms listing. It will be visible only to the form owner and to the users with Modify Form permission. Other users and respondents will see only the Form Title.
For example, if you have multiple forms with the same name, you can give a nickname to each form for easier identification.

Add fields in a form

Different types of fields will be listed in the Basic Fields and Advanced Fields panel on the left side of your form-builder screen.

To add a field to your form,

  1. You can click the field, or you can drag and drop the field (Click here to learn more about the field types in Zoho Forms).
  2. You can re-arrange your fields by clicking and dragging them up or down. You can also duplicate a field along with its properties.
  3. You can modify the properties of a field under the Field Properties panel on the right side.

       4. Click Save from the top-right corner of your builder screen to save your form.
       5. By default, a Submit button will be added towards the bottom end of your form.

Limit on the number of fields in a form

You can add a maximum of 1200 fields to a form. Form fields with multiple elements will be counted based on the number of field elements.

For example, the field count is taken as follows:

  • An Email field counts as 1.
  • Phone field with Country Code counts as 2.
  • Dropdown field with grouped choices counts as 2.
  • Each element in the Name and Address fields counts as a distinct field element.
  • Each question in the Matrix Choice field counts as a distinct field element.

Note: Please do not collect passwords or CVV using Zoho Forms, as it is against our Privacy Policy. Click here to read more about it.​

View a form

After saving your form, you can see a preview of how your live form will look. To do so, click the Access Form button at the top-right corner of your form-builder screen. 

A preview of your form will open in a new tab.

You can also access your live form by clicking your form's name under the Forms tab, as shown below:


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