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Understand your courses.

  • Course application.

    Every educational institution lists their courses on the website. In addition, institutions and private instructors can add a course application form online to follow up on students.

  • Course evaluation.

    It's important to know what students, parents and teachers feel about your courses. Embed a course evaluation form on your website, and allow old students and teachers to offer their opinions, while remaining anonymous.

Know your students.

  • Membership registration.

    With registration forms, you can categorize students based on their interests, and improve your courses and activities. A registration form for a library membership ensures authorized access, while giving you a list of students who would appreciate a benefits card or a voucher.

  • Reunion form.

    Reunions help you analyze your institution's standards. You get to meet successful people, who were once students. Encourage students to organize reunions. Embed a reunion form on your website and enable ex-students from around the world to relive memories.