Stepping up E-Governance.

The oldest city council in Ireland is winning the digital era with Zoho Forms. Download the ebook and find out how.


Convenient governance.

Waterford City & County Council's aim is to serve the public with relevant and up-to-date information, and provide easy access to the services they provide. What does a historic body, in a digital age, do to provide its services to its citizens in the most convenient way possible? 

An unexpected impact

While Waterford City & County Council embraced the easy-to-use interface of Zoho Forms, they found that their users did too. Since they adopted Zoho Forms, they began to see a positive increase in user take-up of the online forms both— from members of the public and from their internal staff.

Industry : Government Organization

Key Takeaways :

Flexibility of form-building tools

Low annual cost

Responsive tech support

GDPR compliance

"We have 'converted' several processes and surveys from paper-based methods to online solutions via Zoho Forms. It works for everyone!"

-Conan Power,
Information Systems Analyst,
Waterford City Council.