Conditional logic and branching in forms.

Create smarter forms that will simplify your workday. Show or hide fields, and display customized messages based on your respondents' answers. Trigger email alerts, assign tasks automatically and keep your team working together.

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Efficient forms for higher response rates.

Only show your respondents the questions they need to answer. Just specify the conditions that need to be met, and select the fields to be hidden from the drop-down list. It's that easy.

Keep everyone in the loop.

Trigger instant email notifications to your team members as soon as a form is submitted. Customize these emails to provide them with only the information they need and change the way you work.

Task your team with the information they need.

Turn each form submission into a task and assign it to the right team based on the responses you receive. Set access permissions and have full control over what your team members see.

A personalized thank you for every response.

Customize the experience for each of your respondents. Show them different messages, or redirect them to a relevant webpage based on the options they choose.