Business form templates to grow your business.

When you run a business, it's vital that you track your customers, understand their preferences and maintain a strong communication overall.

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Gain new customers

  • Subscription form.

    Email subscription is a simple form, but it's one of the most important forms on your website. A well positioned subscription form helps you convert visitors into potential clients and then into customers without a hassle.

  • Contact form.

    Nowadays, a contact form is more than a tradition; it's a necessity. Your visitors' opinions help you grow your business. Therefore, it's important to listen to your visitors. When you listen, customers feel more confident about sharing feedback.

  • Client details.

    The journey doesn't end with converting visitors into customers. Once you have customers, you need to organize customer and client tasks with a client details form. This form collects your clients' details and stores them for later reference. You can understand customers better and improve your business.

Retain your customers.

  • Complaints form.

    Once you gain customers, you need to retain them. The simplest way to do this, is to listen to customers. That's where a complaints form helps you get honest customer opinions. Your efforts to help them retains customers. And in business, nothing matters more than satisfied customers.

  • Evaluation form.

    Another way to retain customers, is to show them how much you value them. Instead of just thanking them, ask customers to evaluate you. No matter what you sell, a simple evaluation form helps you understand your progress, and gives credibility to your business.

  • Bug tracker.

    Every business has issues and problems. Ask customers to point them out -- let them know you need help fixing your business. It could be a bug tracking form for an online service, and a hindrance form for a retail business. Despite the name, the purpose is to improve customer relationships.