Sit back and let the bots automate your work! 

Build multi-step workflows across different apps using bots. Set delays for triggers and add filters to stop or continue a workflow based on specified parameters. For example, you could trigger a confirmation email to a customer 10 minutes after they submit a contact form or add them to a campaign list in MailChimp if they subscribe to a monthly newsletter.


Seamless automation with


No-code workflow builder

Build complex workflows with your form data without typing any code. Connect your favorite apps and set triggers with just a few clicks.


Automate workflows among multiple apps

Send form data to your other business apps and set conditions to define how the data enters and exits each app. 


For businesses across verticals

No matter what your business is, the Zoho Forms/ integration helps automate all your mundane business tasks and lets you concentrate on what you do best.

Link your forms to 100+ apps and automate your business workflows.