All you need to do is...

Build Approval Workflow

1. Build the approval workflow

Create a form or choose one from our form templates. Create levels and add approvers to each. Set up a reliable document approval workflow for any type of document requests.

Approval Workflow Forms Notifications

2. Keep everyone in the loop

Set up notification emails for each action: when approvers are added, a form submission is received for review, and when a form submission is approved or denied.

Launch Workflow Approvals

3. Get ready, get set, go!

Each approver will now be able to approve or deny a form submission—or the Approval Admin can review a form submission on behalf of all approvers.

Set up forms with workflow on mobile too!

The workflow & approval automation feature is fully available on our mobile apps, so you can set up the entire forms workflow approvals online and offline.

Forms Workflow Approval on Mobile

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