Create visually appealing online forms without having to code

Our feature-rich form builder with 30+ field types, customizable themes, situation-specific templates, and a simple user interface, helps you create beautiful, functional forms for all your needs

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Collect data from all corners

Embed forms on web pages and engage with your website visitors. Share links on social media or with a target audience through email campaigns. Let your forms reach a wider audience or keep them private within a closed organization.

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Stay informed with instant notifications

Trigger conditional email or SMS notifications from your online form whenever a new record is submitted or updated. Include attachments and keep all concerned parties in the loop. Receive instant updates on chat platforms where your teams can work collaboratively. 

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View, analyze, and optimize data

Sort and view form entries, export them as spreadsheets, or send the data to apps you use. With UTM tracking and form analytics, measure and optimize your form’s performance for better conversions.

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Let data flow to your daily apps with form integrations

With our seamless integrations, Zoho Forms is a reliable front-end data collection system that works with various applications to fuel all kinds of businesses.


Mobile forms for mobile teams

All the functionalities of our online form builder are  now accessible on any device. With our mobile apps for iOS and Android, you can create forms both online and offline, consolidate data, and collaborate with your team—all while on the go. Learn more

New success stories every day

"We've converted several paper-based processes from paper to online — all thanks to Zoho Forms! Most of our customers ask, "Can we do this online?" Zoho Forms was our answer to them."

Conan PowerInformation Systems Analyst, Waterford City Council

"Our company needed a tool like Zoho Forms to help generate leads. Easy embedding of forms onto our website and seamless tracking using the Adwords integration made Zoho Forms the perfect fit for our business."

Raghav SomaniCEO, Headphone Zone

"Zoho Forms makes collecting and managing data incredibly simple. It saves a lot of time and is worth every penny."

Aswini SrinivasanCo-founder, 80 Degrees East

"The mobile apps are very quick and user friendly. Everything is electronic. Zoho Forms is amazing for staying organized — from event organization to vendor management. Everyone's happy!"

Trey DillerCo-founder, Inspire Productions LLC

"We used to go back and forth, sending and signing paperwork. Now, enrollment is almost instantaneous. The signing process happens via an online enrollment form and the merged PDF is sent as an email—it's never been so simple!"

Shannon Marie Baker Owner, Alabama Church School

"Keeping Digital India in mind, Zoho Forms is playing a prominent role. It's an extraordinary concept that offers good service and a one stop solution for any requirement."

Nanda Kishore Financial Analyst, Paradise Food Court

"Zoho Forms drives everything we do, from following up with clients and prospects, to keeping detailed notes on all of our activity. It's fantastic and easy to use!"

John Whaling Team Member, Bernard Health

"Zoho Forms made our everyday tasks smoother with its easy-to-use UI and brilliant form customization options. It's fun to work with and has become an integral part of our business."

Pranesh Padmanabhan CEO, Studio 31.
  • Conan Power, Information Systems Analyst, Waterford City Council
    Raghav Somani, CEO, Headphone Zone
  • Aswini Srinivasan, Co-founder, 80 Degrees East
    Trey Diller, Co-founder, Inspire Productions LLC
    Shannon Marie Baker, Owner, Alabama Church School
  • Nanda Kishore, Financial Analyst, Paradise Food Court
    John Whaling, Team Member, Bernard Health
    Pranesh Padmanabhan CEO, Studio 31

Collaborate and automate

Set up an approval hierarchy and automate task assignment. Bring your team on board to review, edit, and collaborate on data.

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Seal the deal

Merge form responses with a custom document template to draft contracts and legal documents. Set up an e-sign workflow and get your documents signed digitally.

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Prioritize your privacy

We are constantly evolving to adhere to strict regulations, including GDPR, to fulfill our longstanding commitment to your privacy.

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