Create integrations the easier way

Integrate your apps without any coding expertise. Set a trigger, add actions, and view your entire workflow on the builder.

Create integrations the easier way

Streamline your workflows

Deploy Zoho Flow's logic to create contextual workflows. Introduce decision branches to choose which actions to trigger, set waiting times between actions, and add your own workflow variables to refine each step along the way.

Design detailed processes

Use Deluge, Zoho's scripting language, to solve your integration complications. Add advanced decision trees to your workflows, and reformat data to help it pass smoothly from app to app.

Design detailed processes

Monitor your Flow history

Keep a centralized log of each workflow's history. Know how your flows are running, track the progress of each action, and identify problems as soon as they occur.

Get valuable workflow insights

Stop digging through different application interfaces to see how your processes work. The dashboard gives you complete visibility of all your processes and metrics that help you decide when to update your flows.

Build better Flows together

Collaborate on automating processes by adding teammates to your account. Work together to coordinate plans across every department.

Business apps and Flow gallery

Take a look at our collection of Flow templates to explore ideas for your business, and pick the ones that suit you best.