Infinite Solutions, a barcode solutions expert, uses Zoho Flow to increase efficiency by 50%

About the company

Founded in 1999 by Sanjay Batra in Delhi, India, Infinite Solutions is a leading provider and distributor of hardware and software solutions for barcode-related services. They specialize in offering a wide range of products, including TSC barcode printers and shipping labels, and cater to major retailers and wholesalers across the nation. Their commitment to quality and excellence has earned them recognition from, which nominated them as one of the official hardware solution providers for their Seller Flex program.

The need for better accounting software

Although Tally served as their accounting software until 2019, Infinite Solutions recognized the need for a more versatile and integrated solution. They sought software that would be easily accessible on both mobile and laptop devices, while also capable of seamlessly integrating with other applications. Specifically, they needed a solution to capture their customers' critical data using a form that was essential to creating invoices. By automating this process, they could eliminate time-consuming manual data entry that was prone to human error. Above all, they sought a solution that could deliver on these requirements without compromising their data security.

Zoho—a comprehensive integrated platform

During their search for new accounting software, Infinite Solutions discovered Zoho's comprehensive ecosystem, which met all of their requirements. They began their Zoho journey with Zoho Books, which provided them with real-time data, easy accessibility, defined and automated reminders, and invoice customization capabilities. Then came the need for automation to streamline the operation.

"We were using Tally for more than 18 years. While looking for a cloud-based solution, we finalized on Zoho because it fulfilled our requirements of 24x7 availability, data security, and OS-independent software."

Sanjay BatraCEO, Infinite Solutions

Streamlining the operation using Zoho Flow

They used Zoho Flow to automate the process of replicating customer data captured through Zoho Forms into Zoho Books. Additionally, Zoho Flow automatically creates a record of the customer's contact details in their Google Contacts account, along with an entry in Google Sheets. By automating their data handling, Infinite Solutions eliminated the risk of human error and ensured that data transfers happen in real time.

"I can be anywhere in the world and I will be updated on what's happening at work, without me depending on anyone giving me updates. Zoho Flow's real-time data transfer has helped me gain a superior understanding and management of my customers and my inventory."

Sanjay BatraCEO, Infinite Solutions

Before implementing Zoho Flow, Infinite Solutions used to manually send proposals and invoices to their customers and create reminders to follow up on accounts receivable. However, this process often resulted in missed follow-ups and delayed payments.

Zoho Flow helped them streamline their operations by automating the process of sending proposals and invoices to customers. This, in turn, resulted in the creation of a follow-up event in their Google Calendar account, whenever an invoice was created and sent to a customer using Zoho Flow. As a result, their team was able to better keep track of their accounts receivable, leading to more timely payments and improved cash flow.

"Zoho Flow and Zoho's suite of products have helped us increase our efficiency by at least 50%. Thank you, Zoho, for such a wonderful software ecosystem."

Sanjay BatraCEO, Infinite Solutions

Zoho's ecosystem has proved to be a game-changer for Infinite Solutions, offering them much-needed flexibility without compromising on data security. They're impressed with Zoho, and strongly recommend the company to their professional and personal networks. Zoho's commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address real-world challenges has truly won them over.

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Sanjay BatraCEO, Infinite Solutions

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