Zoho Subscriptions

App Description

Zoho Subscriptions is subscription management software designed to manage recurring billing and payments. You can add coupons, set up payment gateways, and generate reports to handle all your customer transactions.

Category : Subscription Management, Zoho


Subscription to be Renewed

Triggers 5 days before a subscription is to be renewed

Upgraded Subscription

Triggers when a subscription is upgraded

New Subscription

Triggers when a new subscription is created

New Invoice

Triggers when a new invoice is created

Payment Failure

Triggers when there is an error in processing a payment

Downgraded Subscription

Triggers when a subscription is downgraded

Cancelled Subscription

Triggers when a subscription is cancelled

Payment Success

Triggers when a payment is processed successfully

Renewed Subscription

Triggers when a subscription is renewed


Create Customer

Creates a new customer

Create Subscription

Creates a new subscription

Associate Coupon

Associates a coupon with the selected subscription

Fetch Customer

Fetches the details of an existing customer by email

Fetch Invoice

Fetches an invoice by its ID

Fetch Event

Fetches an event by its ID

Search or Create Customer

Searches customer by ID or display name and creates new customer, if no such customer is present.

How Zoho Flow Works

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