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Send sales invoice from Zoho Books for new form submissions in Zoho Forms

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Manage your event registrations automatically. No syncing data manually. No paper work.

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Create estimates in Billomat for new Zoho Forms submissions

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Turn new Zoho Forms submissions into Atera customers

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Create Better Uptime incident for new Zoho Forms entries

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Create new tickets in Freshdesk from Zoho Forms submissions

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Create Freshsales leads for new entries in Zoho Forms

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Create Help Scout conversations from a Zoho Forms form entry

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Create Invoice Ninja invoices from new Zoho Forms entries

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Verify an address via Lob for new entries recorded in Zoho Forms, and add them to a Zoho Sheet spreadsheet

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Create new Miro card for new entries in a Zoho Forms form

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Create Nutshell contacts for new Zoho Forms submissions

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Create a vacancy in People HR for new Zoho Forms submissions

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Create a candidate in Recruitee from new responses to a Zoho Forms form

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Create Rise invitations from new Zoho Forms entries

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Store new Zoho Forms responses in Smartsheet

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Create Spoke requests from new responses to a Zoho Forms form

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Set up Tookan appointment tasks for new Zoho Forms entries

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Add new items in Yeeflow for new entries in Zoho Forms.

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Create a new ticket in Zendesk from a Zoho Forms form

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Create a row in Zoho Analytics for new responses to a Zoho Forms form

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Create a new contract in Zoho Contracts when a request form is submitted in Zoho Forms

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Invite select respondents of a Zoho Forms form to Zoho Showtime, and store the data in Zoho Analytics

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Create and segment ActiveTrail contacts from new Zoho Form submissions

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Create Autopilot contacts for new entries in Zoho Forms

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Submit bugs in BugHerd for new Zoho Form entries

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Create customers in Customer.io from Zoho Form submissions

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Create Freshservice tickets for entries in Zoho Forms

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Schedule Google Calendar events for new Zoho Form responses

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Add new Zoho Form entries to Google Sheets

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Verify and add leads in Hunter from new Zoho Form submissions

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Send emails from Mailjet for new Zoho Form entries

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Create Moskit contacts from Zoho Form entries

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Create MYOB items from new entries in Zoho Forms

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Create Qoyod invoices for new Zoho Form entries

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Add Sendicate customers for new entries in Zoho Forms

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Create SendinBlue contacts for new entries in Zoho Forms

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Create boxes in Streak from new entries in Zoho Forms

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Create Zoho Books invoices for new Zoho Form entries

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Add new Zoho Forms submissions to Zoho Campaigns as contacts

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Create leads in Zoho CRM and subscribers in MailChimp from Zoho Form responses.

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Create Zoho Inventory sales orders for new Zoho Form responses

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Add new Zoho Form submissions to Zoho Projects as bugs

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Input bugs and assign them using Zoho Projects when submitted in Zoho Forms

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Create Zoho Recruit candidates from new Zoho Forms submissions

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Log new Zoho Form entries in Zoho Sheets

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Send Zoho Sign templates for new entries in Zoho Forms

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Create subscriptions in Zoho Subscriptions for new Zoho Form submissions

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  • Customer.io


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    SendinBlue is marketing automation software with contact management and realtime results. You can customize email templates, test deliverability, and track campaign performance. Category : Marketing Automation
  • Streak


    Streak is a CRM tool that can be integrated with Gmail. Manage deals, support queues, adapt workflows to your business processes, and collaborate with your team without having to rely on developers. Category : Contact Management, CRM
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    Zoho Campaigns

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    Zoho Inventory

    Zoho Inventory is inventory management software that lets you manage all your orders. You can manage your contacts, bills, reports, and generate invoices easily. Category : Zoho, Inventory Management
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    Copper is CRM software for Google applications. It lets you work with contextual data, manage deals from Gmail, and view data from multiple sources before making a decision. Category : CRM
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Zoho Forms supports following triggers

All Triggers - A trigger kickstarts the flow

Entry submitted - New version

Triggers when a new entry is submitted in the selected form

Entry submitted - Old version

Triggers when a new entry is submitted in the selected form

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All Actions - Action are the automated tasks

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    What is Zoho Forms?

    Zoho Forms is a form builder solution that helps you create, share, and collect data through forms for all your business needs. You can also create custom data reports, configure email notifications, assign tasks and approvals to your team mates, and personalize your customer follow-up process.

    Categories : Zoho, Forms, Popular

    What is Zoho Flow?

    Zoho Flow is an integration platform that helps you connect your apps without any code. Automate complex business workflows within minutes. Set a trigger, add actions, use Delays and Decisions to create your entire workflow on an easy to use builder.

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