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Post a message in Zoho Cliq when a new opportunity is created in Act 365

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Send Zoho Cliq messages when calls are commented on in Aircall

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Get a message in Zoho Cliq when an issue is reported in Azure DevOps

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Send Zoho Cliq messages for updated to-dos in Basecamp 2

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Send messages to Zoho Cliq channel for Better Uptime incidents

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Send a message in Zoho Cliq when calls details are updated in Bigin

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Send Zoho Cliq messages for new referring URLs in Bitly

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Forward BugHerd comments to a Zoho Cliq channel

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Send a message in Cliq for bounced emails sent through Campaign Monitor

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Notify via Zoho Cliq for new invoices in Chargebee

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Receive Zoho Cliq messages for product reviews in CollectReviews

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Post a message in Zoho Cliq when feature flag and settings values are changed in ConfigCat

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Post a message in Zoho Cliq when a shipment tracking number of a sale is updated in DEAR Inventory

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Post New Flagged Disqus Comments to Zoho Cliq

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Broadcast messages in Zoho Cliq for closed Drift conversations

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Send Zoho Cliq messages about new Dropbox folders

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Forward activity messages from Easy Projects to Zoho Cliq

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Create Zoho Cliq channels for new folders in Egnyte

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Send Zoho Cliq messages for new expenses in Freckle

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Get notifications on Zoho Cliq for new Freshdesk tickets

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Post message in Zoho Cliq for new forms in GetResponse

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Send Zoho Cliq messages for new mentions on GitHub

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Post new GitLab merge requests to Zoho Cliq

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Get a message on Zoho Cliq for every Google Contacts update

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Send messages in Zoho Cliq for new tasks in Habitica

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Send Zoho Cliq messages for new Insightly tasks

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Post a message in Zoho Cliq for new Invoice Ninja payments

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Send Zoho Cliq messages when payments are made in Invoiced

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Send Zoho Cliq messages for new tasks in Jumplead

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Send a message in Zoho Cliq for new companies with the status “being worked on” in Lime Go

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Send message in Zoho Cliq for new user in LionDesk

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Receive LiquidPlanner comments on Zoho Cliq

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Post a message in Zoho Cliq when an email is opened in Mautic

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Receive Zoho Cliq messages when tasks are completed in MeisterTask

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Post a message in Zoho Cliq when a new board is created in Miro

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Send messages on Zoho Cliq for new users in Monday

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Send messages in Zoho Cliq for new call in Outreach

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Get Zoho Cliq messages for new cards in Pipefy

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Post a message in Zoho Cliq when a new issue is created in PractiTest

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Get messages in a Zoho Cliq channel when existing ideas are pushed to development in ProdPad

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Post new invoices from Qoyod to a Zoho Cliq channel

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Post new customer questions on Quotient to a Zoho Cliq channel

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Create Zoho CRM deals and send notifications in Cliq when quotes are sent through Quotient

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Send Zoho Cliq messages for new opportunities in Salesflare

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Send Zoho Cliq messages for rescheduled bookings in ScheduleOnce

Use this flow

Send messages in Zoho Cliq when shipcloud detects shipment problems

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Send messages in Zoho Cliq for Site24x7 alerts

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Send message in Zoho Cliq for new alert in StatusCake

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Send message in Zoho Cliq for new idea in Stormboard

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Send notifications about new SupportBee tickets in Zoho Cliq

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Post new Teamwork Desk tickets to Zoho Cliq

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Send Zoho Cliq messages for new tasks in Teamwork Projects

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Send message in Zoho Cliq for new maintenance window in UptimeRobot

Use this flow

Post ticket message to Zoho Cliq user for a new Usedesk ticket

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Send Zoho Cliq channel messages for videos on Vimeo

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Forward new Wootric responses to Zoho Cliq

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Send Zoho Cliq messages for new WordPress comments

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Send a Zoho Cliq message for a new action taken on an email in ZeptoMail.

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Post a message in Zoho Cliq when an appointment gets canceled in Zoho Bookings

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Post new invoices from Zoho Books to a Zoho Cliq channel

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Send Zoho Cliq messages for new or updated events in Zoho Calendar

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Create projects in awork for new channels in Zoho Cliq

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Direct message in Zoho Cliq for new user in FlowDock

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Create and Assign Bugs in Zoho Projects for new Zoho Connect statuses

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Send a message in a Cliq channel and create a job in Orchestly based on updates to a Zoho Creator record

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Place note in Zoho CRM and receive Cliq notification when a contact unsubscribes in ActiveTrail.

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Input bugs and assign them using Zoho Projects when submitted in Zoho Forms

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Post new emails from Zoho Mail to a Zoho Cliq channel

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Create Zoho Sprints projects and Zoho Cliq channels for new projects in Zoho Projects

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Post messages in Zoho Cliq for updated Zoho Sheet

Use this flow

Send Zoho Cliq messages for completed Zoho Sign documents

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Get a notification in Zoho Cliq when a survey response is received in Zoho Survey

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Send Zoho Cliq messages for new folders in Zoho WorkDrive

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Send Zoho Cliq messages when Writer documents are moved to a specific folder

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  • Zoho Books

    Zoho Books

    Zoho Books is online accounting software to manage your accounting, inventory and to file your GST returns. You can manage your contacts, set up rules to categorize banking transactions, make informed decisions based on accurate reports, and keep track of every expense. Category : Zoho, Proposals & Invoices, Popular, Accounting
  • Zoho Calendar

    Zoho Calendar

    Zoho Calendar lets you organize your calendar and send invites to your colleagues. You can embed a calendar on a website and set customized reminders. Category : Zoho, Calendar, Popular
  • awork


    awork is an intelligent project management tool for teams. It lets you plan projects, organize tasks, manage to-dos, track time, and more. Category : Project Management, To Do Lists, Team Collaboration, Time Tracking
  • CA Flowdock

    CA Flowdock

    CA Flowdock is a team chat and collaboration tool. You can video call, share screen, and use tags to filter easily. Category : Team Collaboration, Team Chat
  • Zoho Connect

    Zoho Connect

    Zoho Connect is team collaboration software that helps teams communicate faster and get work done easily. You can plan tasks with your colleagues, prioritize, and track the progress of work. Category : Zoho, Team Collaboration
  • Zoho Projects

    Zoho Projects

    Zoho Projects is online project management software that helps you efficiently collaborate with your teams. You can create projects and tasks, set milestones, file issues, and keep track of everything from one place. Category : Project Management, Zoho
  • Zoho Creator

    Zoho Creator

    Zoho Creator is a low-code app development platform that lets you launch custom, mobile-ready apps. You can create your own applications to automate workflows, automate internal processes, and manage databases. Category : Zoho, App Builder, Popular
  • Qntrl


    Qntrl is a low-code workflow management tool that comes with a simple interface and advanced automation capabilities to help streamline business processes across your organization. Category : Project Management, Zoho, Team Collaboration, Task Management
  • ActiveTrail


    ActiveTrail is marketing automation software that helps you efficiently manage your marketing solutions like SMS, surveys, emails, and newsletters. Category : Popular, Survey, Websites, Marketing Automation
  • Zoho Forms

    Zoho Forms

    Zoho Forms is a form builder solution that helps you create, share, and collect data through forms for all your business needs. You can also create custom data reports, configure email notifications, assign tasks and approvals to your team mates, and personalize your customer follow-up process. Category : Zoho, Forms, Popular
  • Zoho Mail

    Zoho Mail

    Zoho Mail is an ad-free email hosting service that ensures data privacy. You can take notes, add contacts, create documents, and attach them to emails with the inbuilt integrations. Category : Zoho, Popular, Email
  • Zoho Sprints

    Zoho Sprints

    Zoho Sprints is a free online agile project management tool with scrum, agile reports and collaboration capabilities for software development teams. Category : Project Management, Zoho
  • Zoho Sheet

    Zoho Sheet

    Zoho Sheet is an online spreadsheet application that lets you create, share, collaborate, and publish spreadsheets from anywhere. You can control access to your sheets, change language preferences, and add visuals to represent your data better. Category : Zoho, Spreadsheet, Popular
  • Zoho Sign

    Zoho Sign

    Zoho Sign is digital signature software for business. You can send documents, receive notification about document status, and set reminders in accordance with the document expiry date. Category : Signature, Zoho
  • Zoho Survey

    Zoho Survey

    Zoho Survey lets you create informative surveys with features like customizable themes, branching and logic, and live reporting. You can secure your surveys with multiple response protection and share them with your audience on websites, mails, or even offline. Category : Zoho, Popular, Survey
  • Zoho WorkDrive

    Zoho WorkDrive

    Zoho WorkDrive is an online file management platform for teams. You can share files with teams and stakeholders, keep track of usage reports, and secure folders with restricted access. Category : Zoho, Popular, Files
  • Zoho Writer

    Zoho Writer

    Zoho Writer is a word processor with collaboration features. You can access your documents on all devices and make your work better with the editing tools available. Category : Zoho, Documents

Zoho Cliq supports following triggers and actions

All Triggers - A trigger kickstarts the flow

New channel added

Triggers when a new channel is created in your organization

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All Actions - Action are the automated tasks

Create channel

Creates a new channel

Message as bot on channel

Message as a bot on the specified channel

Add user status

Adds the specified status to an existing user

Delete channel

Deletes the selected channel

Add channel member

Adds a new channel member

Message to bot

Sends a message to the selected bot

Post card to channel

Posts a card to the specified channel

Message in channel

Posts a message in a channel

Message user

Sends a message to the specified user

Message as bot to user

Posts a message as a bot to the specified user

Post card to chat

Posts a card to the specified chat

Message as bot

Posts message as the specified bot in the selected chat or channel

Update channel

Updates the details of an existing channel

Update channel member role

Updates the role of a channel member

Archive channel

Archives the selected channel

Fetch team

Fetches the details of an existing team by name

Fetch user by name or email

Fetches an existing user by name or email address

Fetch channel

Fetches the details of an existing channel by name

Remove channel member

Removes the specified member from the selected channel

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    What is Zoho Cliq?

    Zoho Cliq is business communication software for team chat and collaboration. You can share files, create events, and make unlimited audio and video calls with absolute privacy.

    Categories : Zoho, Popular, Team Collaboration, Team Chat

    What is Zoho Flow?

    Zoho Flow is an integration platform that helps you connect your apps without any code. Automate complex business workflows within minutes. Set a trigger, add actions, use Delays and Decisions to create your entire workflow on an easy to use builder.

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    “In other words, we use Zoho Flow as the business process designer, where our apps are connected according to the actual, real-life interactions. The most measurable benefit is that we do not have the 'forgotten repairs' anymore.” Know more

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