App Description

Toggl is a time-tracking system that helps you manage teams and projects. You can generate reports, turn them into emails and PDFs, and use offline mode to track time when there is no network connectivity.

Category : Time Tracking


New Time Entry

Triggers when a new time entry is created

New Project

Triggers when a new project is created in the selected workspace

New Workspace

Triggers when a new workspace is created

New Client

Triggers when a new client is created

New Task

Triggers when a new task is created in the selected project

New Tag

Triggers when a new tag is created in the selected workspace


Create Task

Creates a new task in the selected project

Create Client

Creates a new client in the selected workspace

Create Project

Creates a new project in the selected workspace

How Zoho Flow Works

Zoho Flow is an integration platform that lets you create smart workflows among your cloud apps. It works on the basis of a trigger that sets your workflow in motion, and a series of actions that automatically execute as a result of the trigger.