App Description

Stripe provides a technical interface to process payments in your app or website. You can include trials, coupons, and your preferred payment methods.

Category : Proposals & Invoices, Accounting, Payment Processing, Premium


New Customer

Triggers when a new customer is created

New Invoice Item

Triggers when a new invoice item is listed

New Charge

Triggers when a credit card is charged

New Order

Triggers when a new order is created

New Plan

Triggers when a new Stripe plan is created

New Coupon

Triggers when a new Stripe coupon is added


Create Plan

Creates a new plan

Create Invoice Item

Creates a new invoice item

Create Invoice

Creates a new invoice

Create Subscription

Creates a new subscription

Create Product

Creates a new product

Create Customer

Creates a new customer

Update Customer

Updates an existing customer

Fetch Customer

Fetches an existing customer by unique Stripe ID and Email

Fetch Charge

Fetches an existing charge by unique Stripe ID

Fetch Order

Fetches an order by ID

Fetch Product

Fetches a product by name or ID

Fetch Plan

Fetches a plan by nick name or plan ID

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