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Planyo supports following triggers and actions

All Triggers - A trigger kickstarts the flow

Customer created or updated

Triggers when a new customer is added or if the details of an existing customer are updated

Reservation updated by customer

Triggers when the details of an existing reservation are modified by the customer

Reservation made

Triggers when a new reservation is made

Customer checked out

Triggers when a customer has checked out

Reservation modified by admin

Triggers when the details of an existing reservation are modified by an admin

Reservation canceled by an admin

Triggers when a reservation is canceled by an admin

Reservation automatically canceled

Triggers when a reservation is automatically canceled according to the cancellation rules set for the resource

Reservation cancelled by customer

Triggers when a reservation is cancelled by the customer

Customer checked in

Triggers when the customer has checked in for a reservation

Reservation confirmed

Triggers when a reservation is confirmed

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All Actions - Action are the automated tasks

Add vacation

Adds a new vacation (period of unavailability) for the specified resource or your entire Planyo site

Add user

Adds a new user (customer) to your Planyo site

Create reservation

Creates a new reservation

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    What is Planyo?

    Planyo is a flexible online reservation and booking application for hotels, holiday apartments, and any business that accepts bookings.

    Categories : New, Real Estate

    What is Zoho Flow?

    Zoho Flow is an integration platform that helps you connect your apps without any code. Automate complex business workflows within minutes. Set a trigger, add actions, use Delays and Decisions to create your entire workflow on an easy to use builder.

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    Louis CastellanoCEO, Lakeside CNC Group

    “Zoho Flow was the main reason we decided in favor of the Zoho platform. An ability to integrate the different parts of the platform is priceless, and we were able to set as many process triggers as we need. Currently, we have eight large flows. They integrate Zoho Books, Zoho Desk, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Cliq in various combinations.” Know more

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