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App Description

Omnisend is an ecommerce marketing automation platform. You can provide coupon codes, track abandoned carts, and manage subscribers in segments.

Category : Ecommerce, Marketing Automation


Order created

Triggers when a new order is created

Contact added to list

Triggers when a contact is added to the selected list

Product added

Triggers when a new product is added

Campaign created

Triggers when a new campaign is created

Contact created

Triggers when a new contact is created


Create or update contact

Creates a new contact or updates an existing contact. This action creates or updates based on email.

Add product

Adds a new product

Create order

Creates a new order

Update product

Updates the details of an existing product

Update order

Updates the details of an existing order

Fetch contact

Fetches details of a contact by email

How Zoho Flow Works

Zoho Flow is an integration platform that lets you create smart workflows among your cloud apps. It works on the basis of a trigger that sets your workflow in motion, and a series of actions that automatically execute as a result of the trigger.