Years of Zoho Flow

Check out some of our highlights and get a glimpse of where we’re headed.

Our journey so far

Take a look at some of our key milestones



On January 30, 2018, our idea to bring cloud applications closer together became a reality. We launched Zoho Flow with over 100 popular business applications and 200 prebuilt workflows.


Becoming a part of Zoho One

With an offering of more than 40 applications, Zoho One is everything a business needs to organize, manage, and automate every aspect of its operations. The introduction of Zoho Flow in Zoho One paved the way for custom workflows using an intuitive drag-and-drop builder.


Support for over 500 applications

While facilitating integrations between Zoho applications is a priority, Zoho Flow added support for over 500 other applications, so that you have the option to build custom integrations with a wider variety of apps.


More than 170,000 teams trust Zoho Flow

Our attempt to make building integrations as simple as possible paid dividends, as our community of customers grew to over 170,000 with over 400,000 users. It was also indicative of the need for custom integrations as organizations scaled.


Over 300,000 integrations automated using Zoho Flow

Zoho Flow now supports over 800 apps, and creating integrations takes only minutes. The ease of use coupled with the ever-increasing list of supported apps means customers can build almost any workflows they can visualize.

2023 and beyond:

New horizons

While Zoho Flow will keep growing as an integration platform for connecting cloud applications, we also want you to be able to connect apps hosted on your own servers.

To expand the capabilities of the platform further, we're also working on bringing in RPA for automating your desktop workflows.

Water Flow

Here's a look back at our 5-year journey and a sneak peek into what's ahead

Five years of Zoho Flow

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Get a detailed account of how we launched Zoho Flow, our journey through the years, and what's in store for the future.

What our customers have to say

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Zoho Flow connects the apps that cannot be connected in other ways. With the proper flows, we have all the processes standardized, and the interactions between the different roles in the company are standardized, too… Zoho Flow was the deal-maker for the whole Zoho platform.

Louis Castenello

Louis Castenello

CEO - Lakeside CNC Group

Using Flow meant that we could have the data manipulated and then entered into our system automatically. Once we put Flow into place, we saw zero errors through manual entry and significantly faster, simpler order processing.

Owain Ap Rees

Owain Ap Rees

Director of Sales at - Artico

After implementing the processes in Zoho Flow, we have no more calendar checking, no more manually creating tickets, the URLs for Forms are automatically populated with ticket information, and the PDF files are automatically stored—it is basically night and day.

Adam Kentrop

Adam Kentrop

Senior Systems Engineer - Feedback Medical

With Zoho Flow, there is no coding involved. Its all about dragging and dropping, picking all the actions and mapping all the data you need to integrate. Its super super easy, and when I started using it, I didn't know any coding or scripting at all. And I was able to build cool integrations using Zoho Flow.

Tyler Colt

Tyler Colt

Vice President - Zenetta Consulting

Zoho Flow has become our go-to app for all our integration and automation requirements. The UI is simple and intuitive, and we can set up integrations from scratch in a few minutes instead of the hours it used to take.

Radha Rengachari

Radha Rengachari

Founder & CEO - Spikra Pvt. Ltd.

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