Why Attend?

Zoho Assist is a remote access solution. When you work with a distributed team, setting up devices, allocating permissions, and ensuring efficiency can be a bit of a challenge. In this workshop, we'll look at how Zoho Assist can address that challenge and organise your remote team so they can do their best work from wherever they want. Zoho Assist is a part of Zoho One.



Anjana Mahesh

Evangelist - Zoho Corporation

As an Evangelist for Zoho One, Anjana gets to tell stories of Zoho to audiences all over the world. She talks, blogs, records videos, and spreads the word via social media. She collaborates with various product teams to create interesting, informative webinars, virtual workshops, and descriptive posts to highlight the latest and greatest that Zoho One has to offer.

John Wilfred

Evangelist - Zoho Corporation

John is currently an Evangelist, helping spread the word about Zoho. With his past expertise as a Business Analyst in Zoho’s Concierge team, he has worked with 1000+ business owners and decision makers globally, helping them streamline their business using the right set of tools from Zoho.

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