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Recording Payments

Collecting Offline Retainer Payments

In some cases, customers would like to make the advance payment in person or through an offline method such as a bank transfer for the estimate you sent them. In this case, you can always mark the estimate in invoice as Accepted and create a retainer invoice for the offline advance payment made.
Navigate to Create Retainer Invoice option from the More drop down.

Create Retainer

This can be later applied to invoices by selecting the Apply to Invoices option from the retainer invoice created.

Apply to Invoice

When the Apply to Invoice option is selected, invoice displays you the pending invoice which is created for that customer.
Enter the retainer amount that should be applied for the invoice, and the invoice will be updated with the balance amount to be paid by the customer.

Invoice Applied

You can also have a quick view of the retainer transaction summary just below the selected retainer invoice.
Payments Received denotes the retainer amount paid by the customer. Invoices Applied denotes the invoices to which the retainer amount was applied. You can always edit or delete the transaction from the icons present next to the entry.

Quick View of Payments

Recording Offline Retainer Payment

In cases where you have raised and sent a retainer invoice to your customer and they have made the advance payment in person or through an offline method such as a bank transfer,

Record Payment

Record Payment

Manually Charge your Customer

Your customer does not like to be Auto-charged? But they have given you their credentials? Manually charge your customer with an already saved card or with a temporary card.

Manually Charging Customer

Manually Charging Customer

Manually Charging Customer

Insight: The customer’s card information will be stored in the payment gateway which is used by you for the Auto-charge feature.

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