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Helping you support your community.

How does this work?

  • Request and attend a meeting with your Zoho representative by May 8th.
  • Tell us about your favorite local business.
  • We'll send you a $25 gift card to support it.

And by local...we mean local. Zoho is a big supporter of those mom-and-pop shops or restaurants that aren't chains.

It's really that easy.

What's the agenda for your 30 minute meeting?

That's up to you. Some ideas might include a discussion on:

  • A discussion on the health of your business and challenges you face while working from home.
  • What you like about your favorite local business.
  • A general update on how your business is adjusting during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bonus opportunity - If your business is doing something creative to keep your employees motivated or support your local community, we'd like to feature your story in our upcoming webinar series. Please share the details in the form, and we'll reach out if we feature you.

Virtual Meeting

Go ahead. Request a meeting, and we'll do what we can to support each other during this challenging time.

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