Superior products. Unbeatable value.

Successful organizations pursue value at every level. That’s why Zoho’s software ecosystem has been tooled to deliver industry-beating functionality without passing along exorbitant costs to our users.

Zoho products - Unbeatable value Zoho products - Unbeatable value

Proven value across the deployment lifecycle


Implementation Operations Acquisition
Implementation 30% faster than industry averages Pre-integrated product suites for easier setup and maintenance Deeply customizable software solutions Greater feature depth included standard within products No forced contracts; ability to upgrade and downgrade at will Subscription fees 40-50% lower than the competition

Software built, managed, and priced to reduce TCO


On average, Zoho invests 60% of its revenue back into R&D. Rather than subsidizing new customer acquisition or payouts for shareholders, user fees go primarily toward deepening our feature offerings, compounding value year after year.

Deep investment in R&D


Where other software providers demand multi-year lock-ins, annual price hikes, and aggressive renegotiation periods, Zoho does not seek to squeeze its customers. Instead, we increase our revenue by delivering positive outcomes and expanding usage.

Zoho Enterprise
Zoho Enterprise


It's common practice in software to increase revenue by splitting standalone products into multiple solutions with multiple costly subscription fees. We consistently strive to make our existing products better and more powerful, all without raising our prices.

Long-term approach to business

Rather than planning quarter by quarter, Zoho invests in strategy over years and decades. This means that we’ve been able to commit to long-term, cost-saving projects that allow us to deliver incredible products at an unbelievable price.

Zoho has invested in its own proprietary data centers, microservices, and security protocols, allowing us to pass savings along to our users.

Zoho does not grow through expensive acquisitions; all technology is developed in house, through long-term investment in R&D.

Zoho isn’t priced to provide short-term returns for shareholders or investors. Bootstrapped and privately held, our only goal is to provide persistent value for our users.

Customization as a value driver

Zoho prioritizes user customization rather than settling for closed-off, rigid systems. From individual UI elements to low-code app development tools, the broad array of Zoho solutions enables users to maximize the value they receive from our software.

Zoho Enterprise

An integration engine powered by the Zoho family of apps

Zoho’s diverse ecosystem of business solutions supports deep, native integrations with nearly every domain of enterprise software. By inheriting industry expertise from the full suite of Zoho apps, individual products are able to support sophisticated custom data-sharing connections, while minimizing the time and costs of building bespoke integrations from scratch.

Zoho Enterprise

What industry experts are saying about Zoho

“On average, customers realized a 25 percent reduction in IT costs by switching to Zoho CRM from a legacy product.”

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“Zoho Creator is positioned to augment all business development structures with tools to support organizational agility, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.“

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“Zoho is moving to reduce the cost of BI to the point where it becomes accessible to a broader range of organizations.”

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