Zoho for Enterprise

Future-proof your IT stack with solutions that scale alongside your operation

Equip your organization with SaaS software that can meet your evolving IT needs. With full proprietary control over our entire tech stack—including hardware, networking, services, and software—Zoho has built a product portfolio capable of supporting a wide range of enterprise operational requirements.

Scalable solutions designed to support operational growth data-center

Cloud infrastructure built for growth

Every layer of our network and hardware is designed to support customer growth:


Optimized network protocols

Our optimized Zoho Acceleration Network provides faster network response times than comparable third-party cloud services. You can rely on consistent, highly-available service as you extend and expand your Zoho deployment.


Comprehensive data security

With complete control over how data is stored and accessed on our servers, Zoho safeguards the integrity of customer data. All customer data is not only logically separated from any other customers’, it is also fully encrypted in transit and selectively at rest, ensuring data is only accessible by its rightful owners.

Global data center strategy

Built on a world-class network of propretary data centers, Zoho mirrors customer information across geographies, minimizing disruptions in the event of localized outages. Each region has its own robust cloud infrastructure, delivering the fastest possible response times as well as strict adherance to local laws and regulations.


Augment your organizational development with scalable software

Custom solutions for unique business requirements

Equip your workforce with custom solutions built to support your specific operating procedures. Instead of tailoring how your organization does business to fit the software you use, let your teams set the terms of their own internal processes with custom-built tools that you can adapt to your changing business requirements.

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Democratized data with an end-to-end analytics platform

Achieve a comprehensive understanding of your past, present, and future performance by utilizing Zoho’s self- service BI platform. Extract key metrics from diverse systems, spanning across teams or your entire organization, and uncover opportunities to improve how you operate at scale.

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Org-wide process management at scale

Zoho allows you to maintain a comprehensive view of all digital processes across every team and department in your organization. This level of insight enables you to weave together precise, conditional rules for how data and resources flow together, so you can keep your important processes consistent as you scale your operations.

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Powerful microservices shared across solutions

All of our software is built on top of a unified data layer, allowing you to use our services across all of our apps. Get a clearer picture of your entire organization as you add more applications and integrations to your Zoho deployment.


Unified search

Search across all of your business data, while respecting your employee permission structures.


Unified AI

Utilize our neural net AI, Zia, to perform sentiment analysis, predictions, anomaly detection, and translation anywhere within your Zoho deployment.


Unified analytics

Seamlessly analyze large volumes of data pulled from sources throughout your organization.

Maximum scalabilty with a comprehensive developer toolkit

Our developer-friendly applications allow organizations to customize and extend their Zoho tools to meet their exact business requirements. With access to APIs, SDKs, and a wealth of pre-built integrations, Zoho can scale together with your organization.


Compliance at every level

Zoho’s entire tech stack uses the SOC 2 type II data management standard, and is certifiied ISO compliant. You can expand your Zoho deployment over time with new products and services with peace of mind, without needing to worry about whether your system is compliant.


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