Choose privacy. Choose Zoho.

Build your business processes on software that takes your data privacy as seriously as you do. Zoho’s unequivocal commitment to transparency and good data governance ensures that your behavioral data never ends up in the wrong hands.

Zoho’s privacy commitment


    You own your data so you control how it’s used.


    Your data will never be sold to external data brokers.


    Your data will never be used to target you with ads.


What makes Zoho’s approach to privacy unique?

  • Zoho is guided by ethical principles not just legal requirements.

    As part of our corporate mission, Zoho has chosen to hold itself to the highest privacy standards in the industry. To that end, Zoho has applied the CCPA and GDPR compliance standards worldwide, not just where mandated by law.

  • Zoho never shares your behavior data with external parties.

    To ensure user information never ends up in the hands of data brokers, we’ve replaced all 3rd-party trackers on our sites with proprietary tools that are built to Zoho’s rigorous privacy standards.

  • Zoho’s leadership structure is deeply committed to privacy.

    Our privacy and security teams report directly to the CEO and top management to ensure independence from other teams, while staying current on the latest developments in laws, standards, and industry expectations.

  • Zoho takes direct responsibility for safeguarding your data.

    None of our business is run on public cloud services. By owning and operating our own global servers, there is no opportunity for our users’ data to be tracked by other parties.

Vijay Sundaram  

The ubiquity of data tracking doesn’t make it any less unjust. It shows just how big the problem has become.

Vijay Sundaram | CSO at Zoho

Sridhar Vembu  

Protecting user privacy is not just a legal obligation, it's an ethical choice.

Sridhar Vembu | CEO of Zoho

Raju Vegesna  

We treat our customer's personal data how we want our own personal data to be treated.

Raju Vegesna | Chief Evangelist at Zoho


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Privacy across Zoho’s integration ecosystem

Zoho undertakes detailed privacy & security assessments of all third-party apps and integrations that contract with us. This process ensures that users have full confidence in all services that interface with their Zoho products.


Fully certified

Zoho conducts rolling internal and extrenal privacy and security audits in order to maintain our global ISO and SOC 2 certifications, ensuing our users that their data is in good hands.