Zoho and Intermedia Zoho and Intermedia

Working remotely has gone from a luxury to a necessity, but time in the office still has its advantages. Now's the time to invest in building a thriving, reliable, scalable, and secure hybrid workplace with built-in analytics capabilities to keep an eye on your operations from anywhere and let your employees work in the way that best suits them. Keep customers and employees connected and productive with Intermedia and Zoho, a perfect combination of collaborative cloud communications with business software and comprehensive analytics for every part of your company. Internal, external, nocturnal! Really, anytime, anywhere!

Run your entire business like a well-oiled machine with software that seamlessly integrates every department, every discipline: from marketing, sales, customer support, finance, accounting, remote work management, human resources and project management. Join us as we enable faster adoption of digital transformation for all global customers.

What Zoho and Intermedia can do for your business


Call History, Right in Your Zoho apps

Log all calls automatically with all relevant information and notes. Never lose essential data about your customer relationships.


Contextual Communications

Get important context for each call with Zoho's call information pop-ups, and associate your calls with follow-up tasks and files.


Analytics to Fuel Better Sales

Know the impact of your calls with Zoho CRM's built-in analytics capabilities, as well as the in-depth insights of Zoho Analytics.


Turn Calls into Leads

Create new contacts and leads in Zoho CRM directly from a call on Intermedia with just one click.


Click-to-Call from CRM or Desk

Start a call with just one click directly from Zoho CRM or Zoho Desk, and manage everything on the same screen.

The Complete Solution for Running Your Business

Of course, it doesn't end at remote work. Intermedia and Zoho offer a range of enterprise SaaS applications to address complex business concerns.


Customer Experience

Reduce customer churn and improve revenue by building strong relationships with every customer. Build a better customer experience with world-class, cloud-based sales and support software that keeps customer interactions in context, seamlessly integrated with a unified communications system that empowers your teams to provide the best direct engagement.


A Perfect Fit

This integration combines top-of-the-line communications with a scalable and deeply customizable SaaS platform for a completely seamless experience. Zoho software is ready to adapt to your unique business needs, and Zoho Creator is the perfect low-code platform to create custom apps for every situation.


Employee Experience

Attract and retain the best talent with a remote work experience that supports them throughout their careers. Help your remote workforce thrive, with cloud-based SaaS apps that provide your employees with all the data and features they need, and collaboration resources that make it easy to keep teams connected.