Platinum Support Offers:

Dedicated SPOC

A Platinum Support Technical Account Manager (TAM) who offers post-implementation support to deliver you a seamless and personalized experience.

Short response time

Priority handling of support requests with an initial response time (IRT) of 30 minutes.

Subject matter experts

A team of product specialists to ensure prompt support availability.

Deployed solution support

Support from developers for resolving issues related to custom-built solutions and for product queries.

Multi-channel assistance

Support via Email, chat and remote one-on-one sessions.


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1. How do I reach Platinum Support?

You can drop us an email at, and your Platinum Support Technical Account Manager (TAM) will get in touch with you.

2. Who is eligible for Platinum Support?

If you are a Zoho EBS Customer or a mid-large enterprise with a paid subscription to any Zoho product or suite, you are eligible for Platinum Support services. Platinum Support is ideal for businesses using custom-built components or solutions that may include custom functions, widgets, telephony solutions, and other third-party integrations.

3. Who is a Platinum Support Technical Account Manager (TAM)? How will they benefit my company?

Platinum Support Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are highly trained subject matter experts who are your company's single point of contact from Zoho. They work in conjunction with your company, prioritizing and managing all your product, support, and solution-related requirements. They are committed to ensuring a seamless experience for your organization after project deployment. They have complete knowledge of your company's business processes and implementation, and they will offer consistent, contextual guidance and support.

4. What is the subscription fee for Platinum Support?

Platinum Support is priced at 30% of your Annual Zoho subscription fee.

5. I use a free edition. Can I get Platinum Support?

No, Platinum Support is available only for businesses using paid editions of Zoho products. If you use a free edition, you are entitled to receive Basic Support by default, with which you can:

6. What are the different support plans Zoho offers?

We have a range of support plans to cater to different business needs:








Knowledge base     
Community forums     
Email support     
Live chat support-8 hours x 5 days24 hours x 5 days24 hours x 7 daysCustomer's time Zone
Phone support-8 hours x 5 days24 hours x 5 days24 hours x 7 daysCustomer's time Zone
Remote assistance-    
Initial response time24 Hours8 Hours3 Hours1 Hour30 minutes
One-on-one sessions--   
Dedicated Technical Account Manager---  
Early access to new features---  
Support for custom functions---- 
Support for deployed Widgets---- 
Support for Telephony Solutions---- 
Support for third-party integrations---- 
Based on number of user licenses purchased---Minimum 25 usersMinimum 250 users
Based on subscription period--Annual or MonthlyAnnualAnnual
% of your product subscription fee--20%25%30%






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