What’s in it for you?

Learn how Zoho technology can help you scale and empower a hybrid workforce

Begin a true collaborative partnership with a Zoho solutions expert who cares about the success of your organization

Strengthen your tech stack and become a leader in your industry

Learn how you can expand your use of Zoho’s features to care for employees and customers


Real-world benefits

Since implementing the account checkup, our enterprise business team has helped dozens of valued Zoho clients overcome challenges and unlock new capabilities.

This is how Zoho is impacting customers on a daily basis:



Consult on best practices for implementation to better align Zoho with the organization’s goals and processes.



Host on-site and virtual trainings that educate users on new opportunities with Zoho—resulting in a happier Zoho Admin.



Unlock new operational efficiencies across teams by automating daily tasks.


Customer Takeaways

Along with using Zoho to address big picture needs, our solution experts will work alongside you and your team on specific features and customizations. Things like:


Using Blueprints to define and execute repeatable, scalable sales processes


Setting up dashboards and KPIs in Zoho Analytics to give users a complete view of their company performance


Find new ways for Zoho to help improve the customer and employee experience

FAQ Section

What is a Zoho account health checkup?

A collaborative session with one of our solutions experts who will assess your workplace readiness, detect potential problems, and plan a course of action to ensure your organization is set up for continued success.

Why do I need one?

We want to make sure your company is primed for present success but also prepared for a rapidly changing workplace. From exploring options within Zoho to solve your current needs to empowering your workforce to work from anywhere, your account manager will discuss how you can take advantage of everything we have to offer to keep your employees empowered and productive.

What can I expect in my health checkup?

We'll go over the nuts and bolts of your account and how it can be better used to get your company and your team where it wants to go. This includes any changes in your organization, new software you are using alongside Zoho, and an effective game plan to keep your workforce connected wherever they are.

How long will it take?

Your account checkup won't take longer than an hour and can be scheduled at a day and time that is most convenient for you. Most initial checkups take about 30 minutes to establish an action plan.

Are you just trying to sell me something?

Our goal for these sessions is to listen to any problems or needs you currently have and then plan the best course of action to solve them. In some cases this means showing you how your current account can solve your challenge, and in others, we might recommend another Zoho product or bundle. But only if it will benefit your organization.

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