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A one-hour session with one of our solutions experts who will check vital signs, detect potential problems, and plan a course of action for maximizing your Zoho services.

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What is a Zoho account health checkup?

At Zoho, we provide business solutions that keep organizations healthy and growing year after year. Healthy enterprises require a healthy technology stack. Unfortunately, software checkups aren’t always covered by your software provider, and any symptoms you’ve been ignoring could be signs of a serious underlying issue.

Why is it important?

In the same way that checkups are important for our physical health and wellness, they’re also important in assessing business technology and whether it’s working to move your company forward. Now is the perfect time to think about the current health and overall wellness of your Zoho account.

What can you expect during your checkup?

Our solutions experts want to ensure your organization is firing on all cylinders. To do this, we'll go over the following areas.

Update Account Health History

Have there been any updates in your organization? Are you integrating Zoho with other third-party software?


Zoho apps are built to support your lifestyle. During your one-on-one, we'll discuss what's working and explore new ways Zoho can help solve your business challenges.

Vital Signs Check

Like blood pressure and heart rate, we want to check your organization’s vital signs. We’ll make sure you’re combining all your activities to accurately measure ROI, see if your teams are hitting their KPIs, and more.

Exams and Lab Work

We’ll look at what’s going on behind the scenes to ensure you’re taking advantage of everything Zoho has to offer and discuss additional solutions for the future.

Take advantage of this opportunity and schedule your Zoho account checkup today.

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