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Enhance your client endpoint efficiency

  • >Seamless Client Onboarding

    Seamless Client Onboarding

    Effortlessly onboard clients and deploy agents for swift endpoint management.

  • Comprehensive Endpoint Overview

    Comprehensive Endpoint Overview

    Get a unified endpoint dashboard for a comprehensive client endpoint view.

  • SLA-Maintaining Patch Automation

    SLA-Maintaining Patch Automation

    Automate patching for efficient SLA compliance, ensuring client satisfaction.

  • Holistic Asset Management

    Holistic Asset Management

    Manage a wide array of client endpoints, including laptops, computers, and mobile devices.

  • One-Click Remote Troubleshooting

    One-Click Remote Troubleshooting

    Swiftly troubleshoot remote client endpoints for instant issue resolution.

  • Customized Reports and Insights

    Customized Reports and Insights

    Generate tailored reports for insights and efficient client endpoint operations.

  • Robust Endpoint Security

    Robust Endpoint Security

    Implement strong security measures, including configurations such as geo-fencing, corporate/complete wipe, etc for ultimate protection.

  • Data Segregation

    Data Segregation & Tech Customization

    Ensure client data privacy through data segregation and client-specific technician logins.

  • Mobile Endpoint Management

    Mobile Endpoint Management

    Manage client endpoints on-the-go with a dedicated mobile app.

Brands that trust Endpoint Central MSP

  • Wanstor
  • Berk and herbert bank
  • Wright
  • Net cenergy
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- Jurgen Barbieur, senior consultant

“Endpoint Central MSP (formerly known as Desktop Central MSP) is a very stable product and works well for MSPs. For a service provider using this solution, onboarding and setting up client networks and endpoints becomes very easy.”

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