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With social distancing and stay-home orders across the globe, many companies are adopting work from home practices. Adjusting your team meetings, client conferences and demos, employee task management, and much more for remote work is an enormous change.

Zoho is here to help you with Seminars centered on business continuity, staying productive, and championing remote work, and Live Interviews to get valuable insights from business leaders.

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An introduction to Zoho Workplace and product tour

Learn how Zoho Workplace can help teams work seamlessly with the suite of integrated apps.

Feb 3, 2021
12:30 PM - 2:15 PM GST
End-to-End AR Automation With Zoho

Learn how to automate your Accounts Receivable (AR) operations using Zoho Invoice and Zoho Subscriptions.

Collaboration and Automation With Zoho Books

Learn all about automating your everyday operations in Zoho Books for seamless finance management.

How to Stay VAT Compliant With Zoho Books

Learn how you can use Zoho Books to create and complete business transactions, effortlessly manage your finances, generate your VAT returns in a few clicks, and stay VAT compliant.

Hiring and Workforce Management in the New Normal

Learn how Hr software solutions can help hiring and workforce management in the new normal.

Future-Proof Your Workplace wWth Zoho BackToWork

Learn how Zoho BackToWork serves as a framework to facilitate a safe return to work.

Bigin – A pipeline-Centric CRM for Small Businesses

Learn more about Bigin, the affordable CRM built specifically for small businesses to strengthen the sales process.

Run virtual events with ease

Learn the ins and outs of running a virtual event — from handling registrations to promotions, run your events seamlessly!

Build Your Online Store in Under 60 Minutes

From SEO to payment integrations, learn how you can build your online store with us.

Always There to Support

Discover the value of building a community and equip your agents to provide exceptional support to customers.

A Journey Through Sales

Learn about crafting touch points, and automating sales process to create rich customer experience.

Building Your Marketing Strategy

Learn to build and automate your marketing journey, establishing your brand identity both online and offline.

Where is your data? Is it secure?

Big or small, data security is very important for companies across all sectors. At Zoho, we treat your data just like we treat our own: responsibly. Join us in the live and get to know how Zoho protects your privacy.

June 8, 2021
4 PM GST | 5:30 PM IST
Hyther Nizam
President MEA,
VP of Product Management,
Why are retailers shifting their focus steadily to e-commerce?

Tune in to understand why COVID may have force accelerated the shift to e-commerce. What does this shift bring for retailers in the post-pandemic market and also get to know the importance of brand building in the virtual world of business.

Moiz Sitabkhan
Build your business by building relationships

Tune in for an interesting session with Nitin Bhalla, CEO & Founder - Kregzo to know and understand how to grow your business with the help of building relationships.

Nitin Bhalla
Founder & CEO,
Sales in 2021!

Nirmal Manoharan is the Regional Director of Sales at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation. Nirmal heads the company in the Middle East, North Africa and Latin America. He has been with Zoho Corporation for over 19 years and was part of the team that created the worldwide channel for ManageEngine.

Nirmal Kumar Manoharan
Director of Sales,MEA & LATAM, ManageEngine
What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming? Why businesses should focus on it, in 2021?

Tune in for an informative session with Agnieszka J. Weryszko to know more about Neuro-Linguistic Programming and its importance in 2021.

Agnieszka J
Weryszko, Square Venues I Founder & MD
Getting businesses VAT compliant in GCC markets, Zoho story!

Want to know more about VAT compliance in the GCC markets? Then join us in this interesting live interview to know more!

Head of product management,
A Legal Perspective On Privacy, Cybersecurity, And Data Protection

Tune in for an insightful discussion on important aspects of Privacy, Cybersecurity, And Data Protection.

Ayman MerdasHassan Al Shaqsi
Why Happy Sales Teams Make Happy Companies?

A power-packed interview on sales enablement and optimization, empowering sales teams to grow and evolve.

Sara beam
Founder and CEO,
Virago Ventures
Now is the Time to be a Small Business - Does Small and Fast Beats Big and Slow?

Are you thinking of starting your own small business? Then join us in this interesting live interview to know more!

Phil Bedford MSC
Coach and Master Trainer,
Asentiv Consultancy
Thriving in a Challenging Economy by Utilizing a Powerful Business Network

Join us for an interesting interview on how businesses can flourish with the right powerful network.

Bijay Rajnikantt Shah
National Director,
Get Started With Instagram for Your Small Business

Tune in to learn how to increase your brand visibility through Instagram.

Bilna Sandeep,
Small Business Mentor,
How Should Startups Look at Software as They Set Up, Start Off and Scale.

Watch the interview for an informative session on the software journey of startups.

Kuppulakshmi K,
Global Head,
Zoho for Startups.
Content Marketing and the Power of Stories in a Changing World

An interesting talk on how brands can balance between content that builds value and content that goes viral.

Philip John
Creative Consultant,
Author of Labyrinth blog.
The Future of Technology for Schools

Join us for a power packed discussion on the latest technologies for schools available and how to utilise them.

Ryno Wubbeling
Head of Operations,
d6 Group.
South Africa
Managing and Sustaining a Close-Knit Environment When Working Remotely

Get important tips and strategies on managing and co-ordinating your team, and establishing a good environment when working remotely.

Sander Wasser
CEO On-Semble.
Building Your Own Workforce

Tune in for an insightful talk on important aspects to consider for building your workforce.

Rajendran Dandapani
Director of Engineering,
Technology for South African Businesses

Join us as for a lively discussion with Paul Wilson on the latest technology tools available for South African Businesses.

Paul Wilson
Technical Director,
DSL Telecom.
South Africa
A Step Closer to Seamless Remote Working With Agile Strategies

Join us for an interesting interview on how to navigate uncertainty with an agile mindset while working remotely.

Morris Sinclair
Business Development Manager, Agile Capability.
Sustenance of Businesses in Challenging Times

Watch the interview to find out helpful tips and ideas on sustaining your business in the new market situation.

Andrew Bourne
Business Development Manager, Zoho.
South Africa
Digital Minimalism in the Startup Ecosystem

A power packed interview on startup support and infrastructure, and how to achieve digital minimalism.

Bader Kamal
StartUp Bahrain.

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