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The Africa Digital Enabler package is a testament to our commitment to help you succeed in modernizing and digitalizing how you operate.

With unbeatable pricing, this is the most advanced, cloud-based software package available—one that allows you to manage your emails, communications, documents, office apps, sales, and invoices, all from one account.

Save thousands in tangible and intangible costs every month while improving your revenue, privacy, and security.

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What you get in this power pack

Ending September 31st, 2022, this limited-time suite provides 10 class-leading Zoho apps at 50% off the list price—grab before it runs out. Here are the 10 essential apps we're including in the Africa Digital Enabler:


Secure business email hosting


Instant messaging and call


Centralised file management


Collaborative document creation


Insightful spreadsheets


Powerful slide show


Social intranet for teams


Virtual meeting and conferencing


Lightweight CRM for small businesses


Digital invoicing and payments

With Zoho, it's simple. It's clear. It's reasonable.


Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workplace is a tightly integrated suite of 8 applications that helps businesses create, communicate, and collaborate. The suite includes a powerful email platform, secure cloud-based file management system, full-fledged office suite, privacy-focused business chat, and video conferencing.

All applications come with native mobile apps for business executives on the go.

Zoho Workplace


Bigin is a nimble CRM designed to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) track their customers, have contextual info at hand, and master their sales pipeline, all without complications. You can set up Bigin in just 30 minutes, with multiple pipelines with customisable stages based on your operating style.


Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is an online invoicing solution designed to help SMEs invoice, track expenses, and accept online payments. It features project billing, time tracking, reporting, customizable templates, and a client portal. You'll be able to generate standard invoices following the latest business compliances.

Zoho Invoice also comes with a native mobile app for businesses to work on the go.

Zoho Invoice


This special offer is valid only till 31st September

Zoho Africa Digital Enabler

Zoho Workplace

Standard Edition


Premier Edition

Zoho Invoice

/User /Month billed annually up to 5 users

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the ZADE program?

Any MSME business which doesn't already have a paid Zoho account and is based out of Kenya and Nigeria can apply.

What if I need technical / implementation support to meet the requirement?

We have local and central product experts who will be able to guide you with implementation. We also run periodic training and regular product-focused webinars. If you need any support, you can reach out to mea-solutions@zohocorp.com and one of our product experts will get back to you.

Can I buy individual products at the same discount?

No, this is an offer on the bundle, and you will have to buy it as a whole package.

Will I only be able to use this offer the first time I buy?

If paying annually, yes—only once. But if you're paying monthly, you'll be eligible to buy at the discounted price for a year.

What if I'm already using other technology for my business? Would these apps integrate with them?

Yes, all Zoho apps come with deep integrations. You can drop an email to mea-solutions@zohocorp.com if you have any particular integration and we'll get back to you on the availability.

Is there a trial period before purchasing?

Yes, like all Zoho apps, you will be eligible for a 15-day trial after which you can purchase the products at a discounted price.

Is there a support person who can help me with setting up the technology for my business?

These apps are simple and straight forward. However, our business solutions consultants are available to help you to set up if you need help. You can drop an email to mea-solutions@zohocorp.com.

Will there be someone available to answer questions on how to utilize the apps fully?

Yes, you can reach us via the following methods:

Can I move from my free trial to ZADE?

Yes, if you are in a trial period for any of the Zoho apps you can move to ZADE.

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