Provide Context


In our world of information overload, context is productivity. Workplace brings in context from sales, marketing, or finance into your productivity apps, so you focus on the core issue—instead of pursuing multiple apps.

‌Ensure Continuity


‌Work is remote. Work is local. Work is from home. Work may start on one device and hop onto another. Or skip across apps and jump across time. Your software needs to track and enable all this, so it doesn't consume your time.

Enable Convenience


Software is often complicated. Often bloated. You just want to get things done, but have to grapple with apps. Routines should be automated, clicks should be few. That's the role of AI and workflow. Get more done with less.

Foster Collaboration


Software productivity tools were built around individual users, primarily consumers. Later it was patched up and extended to business users. However business is collaborative and gets done in teams. Does your software know you are playing a team sport?

Apps included in zoho workplace

  •  Email
  •  File
  •  Chat
  •  Spreadsheet
  •  Word
  •  Presentation
  •  Social
  •  Online
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Office Productivity

Your office is where you are

Zoho Workplace lets you take your office suite wherever you go, accessing and working on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Share documents with your peers and get them reviewed fast. Learn more.

  •  Writer
  •  Sheet
  •  Show

Put your thoughts into words, share documents with your team, and allow multiple people to contribute and comment simultaneously, using the extensive set of tools available in Zoho Writer. 

Precisely analyze your spreadsheet data with Zoho Sheet's many functions. Use charts and graphs to create clear visualizations of your data, while cutting down on repetitive calculations with the help of automated workflows.

Create interactive presentations for your audience with our native themes and templates, or add a personal touch by customizing your slides with the diverse fonts, styles, charts, animations, and infographics available in Zoho Show.

Your office is where you are Your office is where you are
Your office is where you are Your office is where you are
Your office is where you are Your office is where you are
Team Collaboration

Work together from wherever

Host meetings, conferences, and webinars, and store, share, and collaborate on files in your workspace, regardless of your location—all from Zoho Workplace applications. Learn more.

  •  WorkDrive
  •  Meeting

Create and store your files on the cloud, and access them on the move. With Zoho WorkDrive, you can store documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, and audio files for sharing with both groups and individuals.

Zoho Meeting allows web conferencing from wherever you're working, with anyone, anywhere in the world. Easily set up meetings across multiple locations through audio or video conferences. You can even share your screen for presentations and webinars, and download analytics reports afterward.

Work together from wherever Work together from wherever
Work together from wherever Work together from wherever
Unified Communication

Conversations are just a click away 

Connect effortlessly with colleagues using the business communication tools in Zoho Workplace. Share emails with your coworkers to cut down on inbox clutter, follow up with them over chat, or spark group-wide discussions via forums.

  •  Mail
  •  Cliq
  •  Connect

It's more than a mailbox. With Zoho Mail Suite, say goodbye to endless reply chains; just tag colleagues to share emails with them. Stay one step ahead with built-in applications like Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Bookmarks, and Contacts—all accessible from your mailbox. 

Drop a message for your teammates, make audio or video calls, and get instant updates on your projects using Zoho Cliq’s unified communication tools. Boost your productivity by brainstorming with your teammates through group chats or setting up topic-driven channels. 

Build a social network for the members in your organization using Zoho Connect. Create internal channels for smaller groups, access shared files in specific groups, and make important announcements on forums.

Conversations are just a click away  Conversations are just a click away
Conversations are just a click away Conversations are just a click away
Conversations are just a click away Conversations are just a click away

Trusted by big Indian brands

Neelay Shah

Workplace has an entire ecosystem that is required by the company. It simplifies things if you have one vendor delivering an gamut of products. Also, the products have integration between them and that makes it much more easier to adopt in a wide range of business cases.”

Neelay Shah
Neelay ShahGroup CRM Head - IIFL and 5 paisa
Sasi Menon

”At Carnival, our communication platform is Zoho Workplace and I especially like how I can use Workplace apps with our other business apps, a lego-based design as I would call it. I can plug in what I need to with the systems we have.”

Sasi Menon
Sasi MenonIT Head - Carnival Group

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