Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu
No contracts, and the freedom to leave
whenever you like.
Contracts are compulsory for at least a year, and several years in some cases.
Customizing your CRM should be easy, and shouldn't require technical skills.
You need a team of rocket scientists to
customize your CRM.
Scalability isn't at the expense of flexibility. Your CRM can scale alongside your business.
Being scalable requires complex processes and spec-sheets with no room for innovation.
Truly connected, contextual apps without
any data loss.
Integrations that are practically aftermarket add-ons without context.
Connected Apps
True intelligence that helps you
where it really matters.
Requires all of your intelligence to find out what's so intelligent about it.
Artificial Intelligence
You notice the value, not the cost.
Cost resembles a car payment or student loan.
All the help and training is available on-demand.
Though online help is available, it is seldom enough, requiring additional fees for training.
Training and tech support
Imagine a more flexible, easy-to-use CRM that works the way you do, with no locked-in fees.


than Einstein.


than lightning.


than Salesforce.

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