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Track Changes for Co-owners

While previously only the owner of the document had the rights to enable Track Changes in the document, now the privilege has been extended to the Co-owners too. The co-owner can now enable Track Changes and switch to the Review Mode to accept or reject the edits. Read More

Advanced Line Break options

With the advanced line break options, formatting huge document is no more a hassle. The three new line break options help you to format the widow or orphans lines in your document in a way that makes your document more presentable and organized. Read More

Enhanced Table of Contents

The table of contents has been enhanced to provide you with more options to customize and style your TOC. With a gallery of pre-defined styles, you now have more options to define the minor details and set the TOC as per your requirement. Read More


Collaborator Panel

The Collaborator Panel is now revamped to help you discuss and share your work in a better way. It displays the activities of users present in the sheet and enables you to keep a tab on each cell that is edited by your collaborator. You can also share links within the group chat window to your collaborators to get your work done quickly.

Collaborator Presence

Our new features help you to accomplish tasks better with your collaborators. You can now not only view if a collaborator is present in a single cell, but also see if he or she is working across a range of cells or is editing a particular cell. When a cell is being edited, the presence of the user is displayed through dotted lines across the cell. You can also choose to view or hide the presence of your collaborators by using Collaborators menu present under Share tab.


New Version of Zoho Docs for iOS

The Zoho Docs app for iOS has been revamped for compatibility with iOS 8 devices. Version 4.1 brings you a new UI and other feature enhancements to give you a better user experience. Read More

Sync Shared Folders

The desktop sync functionality of Zoho Docs has been enhanced to support the synchronization of shared folders. Now, you can not only sync the folders you own, but also the ones that are shared with you.Read More


Presenter View

Presenter view enables you to see what the audience is viewing on the screen, while having an extended version of the presentation open on your laptop. This means, as a presenter you no longer have to depend on the same slides duplicated on two screens. You have access to elaborate slide content and a set of other tools that makes presentations effortless.

Edit Text in Grouped Objects

The 'Group objects' feature helps us bundle together individual images,shapes,charts or text boxes for easy movement during any editing activity. However, editing text within a grouped object still remains a challenge to most of us. With the new update, you can edit texts in any grouped object, effortlessly. This helps you save a lot of time otherwise lost in the tiring process of ungrouping objects, then editing the text and finally selecting multiple objects to group them back together.


Insert/Delete Cells

The Zoho Docs app for iOS has been revamped for compatibility with iOS 8 devices. Version 4.1 brings you a new UI and other feature enhancements to give you a better user experience.

Track Changes

Keeping your document in control is much easy now. With Track Changes enabled, in a collaborative environment, you can see changes as they are made and selectively accept or reject the changes before making them permanent. Read More

Bring in More Clarity with Zoom

If your text rich presentation with bullet points get monotonous, 'Zoom' is the perfect feature to get back your audience attention. A presenter can now provide a bird's eye view of any topic and then zoom into a particular point in the slide, using the Zoom tool, to elaborate the idea. Such a presentation would follow a non linear format where each relevant point on the slide is clickable and lets you zoom in further, unraveling a story step by step.


Copy to Clipboard

Cells copied from Zoho Sheet will now retain its format when pasted elsewhere. The Copy to Clipboard feature lets you copy the cells in their original format to a mail that you're about to send or a document that needs it as a table. There will be no change to the formatting you had done in the original Zoho Sheet page, saving you the trouble of formatting your content all over again.

Data Validation

Tired of having inappropriate data entered in cells? Data Validation will make it easy for you to enter valid and correct data in appropriate fields. This feature lets you set precise limits for the data to be entered into the fields. Be it text, numbers or date and time, data validation is capable of assuring you that there will be no errors during data entry. Read More

Ipad App

You can work from anywhere, anytime with the new Zoho Writer app for iPad. It enables you to create, edit and share files on the go. Read More

Handle Multiple Slides in a Breeze

Content editing requires frequent shifting of content from one slide to another, which can get tiresome at a point of time. The multiple slide selection feature lets you select and move or sort slides in one go rather than repeating the process a number of times. All that needs to be done is to select the required slides and then copy, cut or drag the files to the suitable destination inheriting the later slide theme.


Range Selector Component

Ranges can now be selected easily with a few clicks. You could select the desired range in your spreadsheet and then press the icon again or hit enter to return to the dialog. Read More

Filter Improvements

Auto Filter functionality has been enhanced to help you additionally filter by cell color or text color. With a new compact Filter interface, you can also reapply the filter after making edits or clear the filter. Read More

Text to Columns

Importing data from external applications is much easier now. With the Text to Columns feature, you can split the data in cells to different columns based on a delimiter. Just select the range of cells you want to split and click the Text to Columns to split data in different columns based on your selection. Read More

Now Share Your Folders

Collaboration is now more convenient with the option to share your folders. It allows you to share multiple files in a snap, stay organized with your team and work efficiently. Read More

Animate Your Way Through

With the new grouping feature available for shapes, the animations option has also been enabled for all your grouped objects. So not only you can group your shapes, you can also add animations to it and impress your audience. Once the objects are grouped, the animation applies to the complete block, leaving you the pain of applying it individually to each shape.

Organize Presentations the Easy Way

Forget going back and forth to the Zoho Docs screen just to move your presentation from one folder to another. With this update, you can now shift folders right from the presentation editor. All you need to do is, from the document title section, select the folder to which you want to move the file, and click done!


Check In / Check Out Slides

Zoho Show brings you an effective way to collaborate with your team. With the Check-In/Check Out feature, you can now keep a check on team members overwriting each others changes. It allows only one person to work at a time disabling the access to other collaborators, and thus preventing conflicts.

Line Spacing Options

Now avoid multiple clicks to adjust line spacing for your content, as we bring the option right to your toolbar. Seeing the frequent need of using the line spacing option in presentations, we have now brought line spacing to the toolbar under Home tab, making it easier and faster for the user to edit the content.

Lock Your Slides

You can now share all your presentations in a safe and secure way. With the new lock feature, you can lock a shape or a complete slide, restricting collaborators to make any further changes. Once locked, the content can't be edited by anyone and that includes the presentation owner as well.

Group and Ungroup Shapes

Imagine adding a shape and filling in textures, formatting styles and effects for each one individually! Too much of pain? Save time, and make your work easier by grouping your shapes together to create unique designs, and format them without going one at a time.

Enrich Your Presentation with the Brand New Themes

If you think your presentation looks a bit tame and needs a fresh look, we have the right theme for you. With a more professional, elegant, and classy look, we have eight new themes added to the list.


Save to Folder

You can now rename the file inline by directly clicking on the name of the file displayed at the top. This feature makes use of the folder management capabilities of Zoho Docs and lets you avail that within the spreadsheet editor. Read More

Notify Collaborators

You can now notify collaborators via email right from the spreadsheet editor. Collaborate easily using the Notify Collaborators feature to send out emails reminding them to fill the required data. Read More

Audit Trail

'Audit Trail' functionality has been introduced. It is available from the 'Review' tab. Using Audit Trail, you can view the recent 1000 edits that have been done on the spreadsheet. You can see what was changed and by whom. Each edit in this listing has a link to the affected range and clicking on it will take you to that range in that particular version. You can filter these edits by user or by date or by worksheet/range giving you more control of your spreadsheet. Read More

Zoho Docs for Desktop

Zoho Docs for desktop was previously available only for the paid users, but now the feature has been extended for our free users as well. You can now sync your files to your desktop and work offline, locally. All updates made when you are offline syncs back to the cloud when you go online, and vice versa. Read More



Shared Folders in Zoho Docs

Sharing folders is now possible in Zoho Docs. You can organise your files into folders and securely share them with your team internally, or with external partners, clients and customers. Shared folders are ideal for teams working together on a project. When you create a new shared folder and add people to it, the files in the shared folder will appear in their Zoho Docs just as they do in yours. Any member of the shared folder can add, delete or edit the content within that folder, based on the access privileges. Read More

Zoho Docs For Your Desktop

Zoho Docs for your desktop is the new file synchronization service that lets you sync all your files in Zoho Docs to your computer and vice versa. The syncing is instantaneous, meaning, the syncing happens whenever you modify or add a new file or a folder either in Zoho Docs or in your computer. This helps you to work on your files offline, which gets updated to your Zoho Docs as soon as you go online. You can even sync your files to multiple computers using the same Zoho Docs account, which enables you to work from any of your computer; be it your office or home computer. Read More


Admin Reports

As an admin, it is necessary to monitor the type and volume of content produced by the users in your organization. The new enhanced Reports in Zoho Docs makes it easier for the admins to monitor the entire user activities such as the storage space summary, type of documents created over a period of time, user activity log reports and a lot more.Read More


Zoho Docs Presentation Gets A New UI

Zoho Docs presentation tool now sports a fresh look with the new gray interface that looks more neat and professional. You will find the menu tabs well organized with feature sets smartly grouped under each tab. The new UI also aims to provide a consistent user experience across other document editors within Zoho Docs

DropBox Integration

Zoho Docs now lets you sync your Dropbox files and access them within Zoho Docs. You can edit your Dropbox documents with our in-built document editors and collaborate on them from a common worspace. You can also access your Zoho Docs files across computers, through Dropbox.Read More

Share File As A Link

Zoho Docs now provides an option to share a document as a link. You can upload a document and share it as a link with users of the organization or with non-Zoho users. The document link will automatically be updated every time a change is made to the document, so you don’t have to keep resending it. You always view the latest version of the document when you click on the link.Read More

Multiple Admin For Workspace

You can now have multiple administrators for a workspace, by assigning the admin role to other members of a workspace. With this role users can add, edit or delete files from a workspace and also change access roles. This will be useful when the admin for a workspace, is no more a part of the organization, then the other admins can manage the workspace.

Admin Can Change Document Owner

An Admin can now change the owner of a document to another user within the organization. This will be useful, when a user leaves the organization and another user can be assigned to handle the document. Also, the Admin will now be able to restore documents, which a user deleted by mistake.Read More

Share Externally Feature Merged In Share Dialog

Previously we had a separate Share Externally option, to share password-protected files with non-Zoho users. Now Zoho Docs has merged this option in the Share option in the box that appears when you click on the Share button. Now you can carry out the Share externally functionality by clicking on the “Anyone With A Link” option.

Share Documents Can Be Organized In "My Folders"

With this newly added feature, you can now move, shared documents also to your personal folders. The documents can be found in folders under “My Folders” in the Personal Folders section.Read More

Shared Documents Can Be Tagged And Are Searchable

You can now tag shared documents also and use the full-text search option to find them, using a search term. The documents will appear in the search result listing.Read More

Task Reminder

Now you can set a reminder for your own documents, with the new Task Reminder option. This option will let you know which tasks you have to complete when for a documents, helping you meet task deadlines more effectively.Read More

Description Field Added For Documents

You can now add a description for a document when creating it, to make it easier for you to know what content or data the document contains.

Check-Out Locked Status Seen In Document List

Now you can directly find out in your document list, whether a file has been checked out and by whom when you find a lock icon next to the document that has been checked out.

Share Details Included In Document Listing

Now you can view the shared details listed directly in line with the document itself in the Document Listing. Each share option has its own distinct icon so it makes it easier to find out if you’ve shared the document privately, with a group or with an organization, by just hovering over the icons. Previously shared details could be viewed only when clicking on the properties option for shared documents.

Comments Enhanced

We've enhanced the appearance of the comment box and now users will be able to see their profile picture along with their comment. Commenting on documents will also be much easier as we have added a comment option in the document list.

Embed A Link In Website/Blog

You can now make your document public by sharing the link within the organization by embedding it in your organization's website or a blog. You can also publish the document externally to anybody on the web by embedding the link in an external website or blog.

Preview For Image And PDF Files

Preview your images and PDFs, before you plan on sharing them. This will make it easier for you to know, if you are sharing the correct image or PDF. You can also assign tasks, add comments, add a description or embed the file in a website or blog, directly from the preview mode.

Grey Theme For Spreadsheet

Zoho Sheet now has a new and more professional look. We have moved to a Grey theme, in tune with Zoho Docs and Zoho Writer, so your experience with the office suite is more standardized.

Spreadsheet Locale Settings

You can now set the regional locale of your spreadsheet to make use of regional settings. For example, if locale set is as Germany, then the numbers will be shown and interpreted with dot as thousands separator and comma as the decimal point. Automatically Euro currency will be shown in the toolbar and the date formats will be as per the locale.

Improved Collaboration Experience

We have revamped our collaboration functionality to give you a more reliable real-time collaboration experience. Permission change will now take effect immediately, prompting users to reload the document with new permissions. You can now open a single spreadsheet in multiple tabs or have the same spreadsheet opened in different places from the same user account. We allow up to 50 concurrent users to collaborate on a spreadsheet. Beyond that, users will be presented with a read-only view of the spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets Get Auto-Saved

We have removed the Save button and now your spreadsheet will be auto saved, every time you make a change to your document. You now don't have to worry about saving your content manually and can work on your spreadsheet uninterrupted.

Enhanced Paste Options

You now have different options while pasting like paste the values alone (without the formulas) or paste the formats alone, transpose the range, etc.

Type Ahead (Auto Suggestion)

As you type in your cells, unique matching values from the same column in the current table will be shown automatically and you can either accept the auto-completion or ignore it and continue typing. This is quite useful when you have a table with repeatable values in a column. This feature enables the user to input content quickly.

Collaboration Notification: See Who is Editing the Presentation

Co-authoring a presentation has always been easy and effective with simple file sharing, real-time edit views and live chat functionality. This update, we are making it even better with the live edit notifications. You will now be able to see who is editing the presentation and exactly where they are working in a document. A part of the content will be highlighted and marked with the name of the person who is currently editing the presentation.

Align Objects Precisely With Smart Guides

Aligning objects on a slide just got easy with smart guides. Smart guides are the dotted lines that appear default, when you try to position an object on a slide. The smart guides will come in handy when you are aligning multiple objects in a context, for instance; while creating flowcharts and diagrams. You can also extend the usage of smart guides to images, text boxes and media files.