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E-Signature Enhanced; Now Becomes More Business-Friendly

With more options and easier functionality, the Mail merge in Zoho Writer is now better than ever! It now has more options to pull your data, an improvised merge field dialog, option to suppress blank fields, create personalized lines and more.

Announcing the New and Improved Mail Merge

To keep up with the changing trend, Zoho Writer has now revamped its DigiSign feature, making it more business-friendly. With some brand new additions and modifications to the existing ones, you can now send create, collaborate, and close deals all using Zoho Writer!


Track Changes Control is Now Open to All

Track changes control is now extended to all the collaborators (with read/write access) of a document. So, it doesn't matter if you are not the owner or the co-owner of the document, you still can switch on the track changes and make the edits in the document.


New Theme and Image Library

Zoho Writer gets a face lift with a brand new theme. You can now add images from various sources like Google Search, Flick, Picasa and others. You can also maintain an image library of all your previously used images!

New Shapes and Textboxes

Breathe in life into your document with colorful shapes and text boxes. Explain complex business processes with flowcharts, and create creative cover pages using shapes. Get started and reshape your documents!

Zoho Writer app for iPhone

Working on the go just got easier! Introducing the all new Zoho Writer app for iPhone! The iPad app also gets better. Now not just view and edit files in your iOS device, you can also create new documents and sync them to your cloud accounts.


Proof Read with Ease

Get hold of all the errors in your document in one glance. The status icons at the end of your document now can tell if your document has any errors or not. You can click on the icons and fix all errors without manually editing each word.

Introducing @ Mentions

Collaboration takes a step further with the introduction of “@mentions” in comments. While earlier, it was possible to add comments in a shared document to share your feedback or inputs, now you can direct those comments to specific users in the document or outside, to pull them into your discussion.


Track Changes Integration with MS Word

A seamless integration between Zoho Writer and MS Word, so all your tracked changes stays just the way it was when you import or export. So, no matter where you edit, your changes are visible wherever you view it.



Improved Table of Content

Zoho Writer provide a gallery of pre-built TOC's with defined styles. It also comes with the options to customize the TOC till it's perfect for you.



Advanced Line Breaks

With the new 'Widows and Orphans' line breaking options, control the way your paragraph content splits across pages to avoid straggling lines at the top and bottom of the page.



Formatting Marks

Show formatting option allows you to see the formatting marks without which it is impossible to tell whether there exists an line break, indent, a tab stop, or simply a series of spaces whenever text is indented from the left.


Offline Editing

Online or offline, work never stops. When you are not connected to the internet, you can now access and edit your documents offline. When you are back online, Zoho will let you to synchronize the modified documents with the online versions.



Collaborate with Anyone with Document Link

Collaborating is no longer restricted to your organization. You can share document as links to people outside your organization and they can easily access the file and collaborate, without creating a Zoho account. Every file that is shared can be password protected to create a safer environment for collaboration.



Track Changes

Your document is always in your control. With Track Changes turned on, every change your collaborators make to the document appears as a colored markup. It highlights each insertion, deletion, formatting change, or comment and provides you control over the document as you can selectively accept the edits and discard the ones that doesn’t seem appropriate.



Advanced Features in Commenting

You can now navigate directly to the unread comments without having to review those comments already views. In addition to modifying or replying to the comments, you can also resolve (close) comment threads when you’re finished with them.


iOS Apps for Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer for iPad is a powerful, feature-rich offline text editor that helps you create beautiful documents on the go. Creating and editing documents is made easy with the smart built-in editor. Documents created can later be uploaded to Zoho Docs/Dropbox and accessed anytime, anywhere.



Multiple Headers and Footers

Headers and Footers are now customization as per your need. Zoho Writer allows you to have same header/footer for all pages. You can also choose to have different header and footer on the first page and/or different header and footer for odd and even pages.



Automatic Notification of Document Changes

No document update slips your attention. Choose to receive email notifications, and keep track of every change made to your document. Quit regular visits to your document as Zoho Writer keeps you updated all the time.




Formula's in Table

Who says you cant do calculations in your word documents! You can perform calculations and logical comparisons in a table by using formulas. The Formula command in the Table tab allows you to add numbers, find average of numbers, find the largest or smallest number in table cell range that you specify.


Automatic Date Change

You can quickly insert the current date into the body of a document as well as in the header and footer. The date is automatically updated to the current date and helps you eliminate the tedious chores of manually deleting prior dates.



Pagination allows you to visual page breaks while you’re editing your documents. Native printing is available in Google Chrome Browser and gives the best printing experience.


Android App for Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer Android App allows you to create impressive documents seamlessly with its intuitive user interface and rich set of features. You can either save these documents in local device, in MS Word format or push them to cloud devices like Zoho Docs, Google Drive and Dropbox. This app also allows you to open MS Word documents in your device. Read More


Table Cell Split and Merge

Working with tables is much easier now. You can merge cells of a table and even import merged cells from MS Word Documents.