File Management for Trainers

Today's trainer has to be adept at combining various delivery channels to conduct an effective session. Zoho Docs offers simplified and secure storage for all your training content, from audio-visuals to real-time assessments.


Store all your course materials

Keep your material in one online repository, from tutorial videos to pictures, charts, graphs, presentations, invoices, and much more. Access it anywhere.


Do bulk uploads

Organize all files related to a particular online training session into folders, and upload them in bulk.


Migrate from other storages

Import your attendees list from your Google Drive account, or sync course materials from Dropbox.


Promote engaged learning

Make your sessions stand out by blending audio-visuals to provide an immersive learning experience. Don't worry about compatibility issues. You can store and preview 160 different file formats ranging from mp4 to .doc files.


Streamline your assessments

Every new account created in Zoho Docs generates a unique Email-In ID. Share your account's ID with your trainees so they can directly upload their assignments and tests to Zoho Docs. You benefit, too: You won't have to upload each document individually.

Collaborate to excel

Learning in today's organizations tends to be multi-directional. With the built-in Office Suite, encourage trainees to work together on specific projects and assignments.


Chat to convey ideas

Tight integration with Zoho Chat allows immediate communication, not only for trainees to interact with each other, but also for trainers to pass on instructions.


Maintain control of course content

Assign Read Only privileges to your trainees. When administering assignments and assessments, provide Read/Write permissions.


Delegate specific tasks

Stimulate interaction within learning groups. Instruct designated team leaders to review a particular assignment, and you, as the instructor, can finally approve the file.


Encourage peer-to-peer learning

Create specific workspaces for individual teams where they can ideate, brainstorm, and find solutions.