Manage published versions.

Which version do you want your audience to see? Zoho Show lets you constantly modify and improve slide content. Keep working on content without disturbing the live deck, by locking what's published. If required, re-publish the new version when ready.

Manage Versions

Download presentations.

Allow users to download a copy of your published slide deck in a .pptx or .pdf format for future reference. In case the user has a zoho account, the file can be saved directly.

Download presentations.

Publish internally.

Publish internally.

Create and publish slides within your organization for your colleagues to access and share feedback. Forget converting presentation files into smaller packages before sending them to your team via email.

Embed on websites.

Show off your ideas or narrate a tale to audiences who visit your page. Embed your presentations on websites or personal blogs and express your thoughts to the world.

Embed Presentation.

Publish your stories. Spread the word.