Work Online. Together. Faster.

Zoho Show makes it easy for your team to work together in creating better presentations, no matter how far you are. Work online, collaborate faster and deliver better results.

Secured file sharing.

Share the presentation link internally with your team or externally to business associates to aid in decision making. Grant privilege rights for each of the collaborators. Restrict file access and ensure control over who views and makes edits to your slides by choosing one of the below:

 Read Only

Users can only view the presentation.

 Read / Write

Users can view and edit presentation.


User can view, edit and share the presentation.

Collaborate and create together.

Zoho Show works online and makes it possible for your team to get together and create slides in the same presentation at the very same time, irrespective of your physical location.

You can work on different slides and build a presentation together, than work on multiple files and drain time and effort merging documents.

Edit and review together.

Business presentations are often put through critical review and scrutiny as the deadline approaches. But why struggle and have sleepless nights before the presentation, when you can edit and review, as and when you create the slides?!

Since Zoho Show presentations are online, you can brainstorm, add ideas, edit slides and review content, while working together.

Lock a Slide or a Shape.

Lock a shape or a complete slide, restricting collaborators to make any further changes on the slides you have worked on. This helps you share a presentation while ensuring no body messes with your numbers, graphs, or grouped objects.

Check In / Check Out.

You might want your collaborators to view a document, but not see any further changes being made by you in real time. It's Easy. Click 'Check Out' when you wish to edit and click 'Check In' when you want the edits to be made available to all.

One file. Multiple versions.

Forget working on multiple files of the same document. Forget copying and pasting content from one file to the other just to share. With Show, users collaborating on a presentation can work and rework on the same file rather than create a copy of the document on your local drives or laptops.

Forget memory sticks and expensive software

You don't have to worry about expensive software upgrades or carrying your documents in a memory stick!

Zoho Show presentations are saved online and can be accessed on any device using only a web browser. All you need to fire up an important document is an internet browser!