Zoho Show

Zoho Show for Education

Well-composed and informative presentations can give you a lot more than realms of information.

For Teachers

As a teacher, you can create informative presentations to share with your students. You can share these presentations with students at an individual level, broadcast it to them using a link, invite each of them to participate, using e-mail, when you are making the presentation. The presentation does not necessarily have to be made during class. You can send your students a link to the presentation, ask them to view it after class and ask you questions using the chat feature in Zoho Show.

For Students

As a student, you can use this tool to create brilliant presentations with images, clipart, and links with relevant information. You can work in teams on a presentation while sitting at individual computers. You can also use the chat feature that is available to discuss ideas, layouts and themes for presentations. You can share your desktops with each other, if necessary.

Zoho Show for Business

Presentation is a powerful tool for marketing communications. You can communicate to generate leads for sales. To promote any product or service to prospective buyers you need to make presentations.

For Sales

To sell a product, you must sell the idea to the user. Presentations are key in helping prospective buyers make informed decisions. You can use Zoho Show to create a connection between your product or service and prospective buyers. Engage them with informative graphics, spreadsheets, charts or videos about the product or service. These can be inserted into your presentation.

For Marketing

You can also use flowcharts to represent the steps required to use your product or service. These presentations can be made to remote buyers using the broadcast feature of Zoho Show. Using Zoho Meeting, you can share your desktop and demonstrate how to use your product or service.


You can deliver presentations during various events, related to your products or services, by accessing your presentation online. You do not have to upload or download your presentation.


Zoho Show is an indispensable tool when it comes to organizations. These can be used to create different types of presentations to be presented within and outside the organization. For example, you can create a presentation about the organization to present to people who join newly.

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