File Management for Manufacturing

Modern manufacturing is becoming agile to meet evolving customer expectations across the globe. Zoho Docs (ISO 27001 and SOC-2 compliant) allows manufacturers, of any scale, to leverage significant operational cost reductions by incurring minimal IT infrastructure expenses, enhancing employee productivity, and increasing efficiency.


Inter-department synergy

Zoho Docs allows design and production teams to actively engage with each other at every stage, from conception to production, thereby reducing process lead-time. Procedure manuals, vetted by HQ, can be shared with factories, warehouses, and logistics centers instantly. Status reports, KPI dashboards, and design iterations can be collaboratively discussed by teams to reach a consensus efficiently.


Establish zonal connectivity

Enable factories, distribution centers, and functional teams to communicate seamlessly with one other. For instance, a factory in China can tweak production lines based on specific inputs from a marketing team sitting at California.


Authorize files access

Grant selective access to proprietary information by prioritizing who can see the files and documents. Make factory floor SOPs, HR policies and other company-wide announcements visible to ‘Everyone in the organization’. Alternatively, share password-protected links with suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.


Assign role-based tasks

Collaborate and create process documents with your design team using the Read/Write function. A quality assurance (QA) manager can then review them with Read/Comment permissions, while plant supervisors are constantly updated in real time.

Central repository

Store batch reports, technical specifications, equipment details, and invoices in a secure and centralized password-protected location. Set access privileges, sync offline files, and maintain constant control over your organization's information. Zoho Docs also allows for retrieving deleted files and documents across the organization.


Retrieve multiple file versions

Retrieve multiple versions of a single file so your field sales team can be sure they're working with up-to-date information. Or, go back to previous versions without creating numerous copies.


Store everything

From process manuals to invoices, product specifications to design images, demo videos to marketing collateral, save and preview over 160 file types online. Move large quantities of data online seamlessly with Zoho Docs Sync.


Master the search

Finding the file you need is as easy as typing a keyword or name in the search box. Search by tags, author name, date, content, and much more. Find files that were shared by you and with you from the drop-down list.

User analytics

Admins can monitor and regulate file usage or gather user access data through Docs' User Analytics. Be informed of the file formats created, storage space summary and much more.


Establish an audit trail

Monitor how teams utilize various files and documents with audit reports. Get notified of who viewed files, and in what order, and keep tabs on any edits or modifications.


Know file Access Stats

Stay informed of who's reading documents, and when with a detailed file access report. Analyse the storage pattern with specific break-downs on number of users, documents, and folders.