File Management for Legal Affairs

From affidavits to deeds, summons to orders, subpoenas to petitions, law firms handle countless documents. Zoho Docs offers secure storage, as well as a platform for lawyers to collaborate with clients, partners and stakeholders.


Complete confidentiality

Keep your data secure at all times. Zoho Docs meets industry safety standards and is compliant with ISO 27001 and SOC-2 Type II. We are also a part of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework. Learn more about Zoho's security policies here.


Multi-location file backup

Your information is mirrored across servers in multiple locations, ensuring defense against hardware failure and natural disasters. You will never have to worry about losing data again.


Anti-virus protection

Every stored file is screened for malware, spam and viruses. Sharing, publishing and downloading of virus-affected files is prohibited to ensure that no malicious code enters your system.


Entry authentication

Make unauthorized access a thing of the past. Zoho Docs has you covered with strong password checks and two-factor authentication.

Ideate, collaborate and win

Draft a comprehensive action plan by incorporating client briefings in real time. Share case facts, review histories, and chat live with colleagues to develop strategies that focus on winning.


File versioning

Track the timeline of your case. Zoho Docs' version history records every change and addition to your files. Just compare versions to see exactly when updates were made.


Task management

Attach tasks to your files and assign them to people in your organization. Ask partners to review and approve documents prepared by paralegals. Need something turned around fast? You can also set due dates.


Zoho Office Suite

Get built-in online editors for your everyday documenting, presenting, and analyzing needs. Streamline workflow by creating templates for invoices, client applications, and more.

Virtual briefcase

Create, store, organize, and share your documents in a single online space. Control access to your documents by setting up viewing and editing privileges for individual files, folders, or subfolders.


One-step storage

Save documents and files easily through the email-in feature. Upload directly to Zoho Docs—just email attachments to the unique address generated for your account.


Easy file search

Can't remember what you named a file? We'll help you find it fast. Search full content, or narrow down by author name, date range, shared status, and more. You can even add tags to your documents to customize your search options.


Upload in bulk

No need to spend time selecting and uploading individual files. Upload multiple files or entire folders using the simple "select to upload" option.