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Customizing Document Styles

Change Document Style

Zoho Writer allows you to customize your own themes and setup documents as per your requirement. Using Custom Styles, you can customize the the styles for the headings and the body text and even save them with as templates to use it in future. For example, if you have a Legal document with all the specific styles defined for all the heading and the body text, and you wanted this formatting to be applied for all the legal documents you can use Zoho Writer, and save the style-set under the name 'Legal' and use it later in all your legal documents.

The styles can be defined either by selecting a chunk of text containing the required formatting and assigning the style to a particular heading/ body-text or defining the style in the custom-styles dialog itself that exposes all the possible formatting available for the heading/body-text. 

To customize a Heading style:

Method 1:

  1. Select the text that contains the required formatting
  2. Right-click the selected text and click Text Styles > Heading > Update Heading 1 to match selection.
  • After you have updated the heading style, all the corresponding headings in the document automatically changes to the latest heading style.

Method 2:

  1. In the Format tab, under the Document section, click the Style  icon and then click View/Edit Current Document Styles.
  2. Click required formatting from the dialog and click OK. Check-out the advance tab too (as indicated below) for more options.

To customize a Body text style:

  1. The procedure to customize the body text is same as the customizing a Heading Style.
  2. Select a text with the formatting and right-click on the selected text.
  3. Click Update Body Text to Match Selection
    Edit the style from the Custom Style dialog box.

To save the styles:

After you have set the styles, you can save it the following two ways.

Method 1

  1. In the Format tab, click the Styles   icon and click Save Current Document Style As option.

    Click the CustomizeStyle  icon and then click View/Edit current document styles. The Styles dialog box is displayed. Click Save As.

Method 2

  1. Choose the saved styles from toolbar, and click Custom Styles Icon>Preview/Apply Saved Styles to apply them on the document.
  2. If you wish to make the current document style as your default style, in the Custom Style window, click Make it default for all new documents.

Add and Remove Style

You can apply existing styles to the document or reset the styles at any point of time.

To add styles:

  1. In the Format tab, click the Styles drop-down list, and then click Save Document style as.
  2. Enter new name for the style and click Ok. The document style set will be added to the list of styles.

To remove styles:

  1. In the Format tab, click the Style drop-down list, and then click Reset document style.
  2. The applied style from the document will be removed.

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