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Admin Console

Admin Console

Zoho Docs Online Document Management provides an Admin Console, It contains all the options to manage and customize your organization. It lets you to manage users, customize logos, manage domains, set permissions to users and much more. As an administrator you can set organization policies to restrict and permit specific rights to users in the organization from anywhere. Using Admin Console you can define IPs from where the organization members can access the files. As an Administrator you have total control and mobility over the files that are centrally located in Zoho Docs, and also you can streamline your organization domains, users, groups in a faster way.


Dashboard in the Admin Console consists of general details like Number of Users present in the organization, Number of Organization Groups, Portal URL, Super Administrator and Contact Email-Id. You can view and edit users details, organization group details, super administrator, and also customize logo in the general page of Admin Console.

Customize Logo

In the Admin Console general page, you can customize by replacing the default logo with your own Organization logo, which adds a personal touch.

User Management

Add and import users to be a part of your organization. As an administrator you can control the access rights of the user, and also change the role and location of the user.

Add Users

Manage Users

You can invite users to your organization. Invitations will be sent to specified email addresses. They will be added to your organization only based on their approval.

For adding/importing users to your organization, you have to add and verify your domain. Please add and verify your domain before adding users.
Add Users

Import Users

Import Users

You can even bulk import users into your account, import LDAP users and create domain-based email ids for all the users added or imported.

Search for particular users across the organization with the easy to search option.
Import Users

Delete User

Admin can delete any user if he/she has to leave the organization. Please keep in mind, deleting a user will completely delete all the user's data including the user name which cannot be retrieved anymore. Learn more..

Disassociate Users

Admin can disassociate any user in an Organization. If the User is disassociated from the Organization, the User becomes a personal Zoho User and all data related to the Organization will be lost. Learn more..

Organizational Policies

Organizational Policies

Administrator can define the Organization Policies to be follow in your organization. By default, permissions are given to all organization members for creating organization/personal groups, sharing and publishing documents. You have the rights to permit or restrict these permissions to the members of the organization. Roles defined are Super Administrator, Administrator or Moderator, and users.

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