File Management for Finance

Banks and other financial institutions handle perhaps more sensitive information than any other industry and they handle a lot of it. Zoho Docs offers a safe place to store that data, as well as the flexibility to organize and access it whenever it's needed.


Security: The bedrock of trust

People rely on their financial institutions to provide data integrity and security. Like you, we have your customers' best interest in mind. Zoho Docs provides security at both physical and logical levels and is compliant with industry-specific standards, such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II.


A vault for documents

Keep KYC documents, loan agreements, insurance claims and other policy documents protected from intrusion with biometric and two-factor authentication. Zoho's servers are monitored 24 hours a day throughout the year in undisclosed locations.


Safe even in transit

Data transmission to Zoho services is encrypted using TLS protocol to ensure a secure browser connection. Our network is gated and screened by powerful certified intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Store any file format

Store documents of any file type and retrieve them easily with advanced search options. No matter how they're rendered, you can view them in one platform without having to convert formats.


Online backup

Never worry about losing or misplacing a document again. Get notified of every document created or deleted within the organization. Sync your documents on multiple devices and access copies of your file even when you're offline.


Keep track of important documents

Add labels to identify critical records and audit files faster. Set the status of claims processes for review or approval, assign them to other departments, and set deadlines to get reminder notifications.

Process customer requests faster

Storing documents on the cloud guarantees speedy service to your customers. Set permissions to control access to your files and passwords to keep them safe when sending.


Gain global access and track usage

Let your customers access their data from anywhere in the world. Send and receive payments online. Keep track of when and where your documents have been accessed.


Password-protected sharing

Make sure your files get into the right hands. Send password-protected online account statements, loan agreement copies, policies, claim details, and more to customers in seconds.