1.Are there any keyboard shortcuts that I can use while working in Zoho Writer?

2.How about Multilingual Support (writing documents in different languages) in Zoho Writer?

3.I can't create or edit documents on my iPhone, the keyboard doesn't show up when opening iZoho on iPhone. What's the problem?

4.Can I use Zoho Writer on Mac, Vista, Linux (all flavours) & other OS?

5.Is Zoho Writer accessible on Web TV?

6.Do you have any plugin for a Zoho writer document, so it can be edited and saved directly from Microsoft Word ?

7.Does Zoho Writer have a Mail Merge facility ?

8.Does Zohowriter provide offline support?

9.What kind of third-party integrations are possible with ZohoWriter?

10.Can I digitally sign Zohowriter document?

11.What is docroll feature in Zohowriter?

12.What are the known issues and limitations in Zohowriter?

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