Zoho Docs for Desktop

What is Zoho Docs for Desktop?

What Operating Systems are supported by Zoho Docs?

Can Zoho Docs be installed on 32-bit and 64-bit OS?

Who can use Zoho Docs for Desktop?

How often the files are synced?

I have signed up for Zoho Docs free plan. How many computers can I use for syncing?

Is there any upload/download limit for free users?

What is the maximum storage space for syncing files/folders?

How secure is Zoho Docs for Desktop?

Can I sync Workspace files?

What happens when I unlink a computer?

How do I upgrade Zoho Docs for Desktop?

Can I perform actions on the workspace like creating a directory, sharing to specific users etc?

I find files with .zdoc, .zsheet, .zslides. What are they?

Can I edit the Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show files from my desktop folder?

What happens when xlsx, pptx and docsx files are uploaded through Zoho Docs for Desktop. Will they be automatically converted to their corresponding Zoho Docs online editor formats (Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show and Zoho Writer)?

What happens if the content in the online files (pptx, docx, xlsx, csv, txt) does not match with the desktop versions present in Zoho Docs folder on the desktop?

In what format do the MS office files be synced to my computer?

Can I sync files to multiple computers?

Does Zoho Docs allow selective syncing of files / folders?

Can I sign-in to Zoho Docs for Desktop using my Google or Yahoo accounts?

Will Zoho Docs sync files that are shared to me by other users?

Can I choose a shared network folder as my Zoho Docs folder on desktop?

Few files are not getting synced by Zoho Docs. Why?

What is the file upload size limit?

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