What is Zoho Sheet?

What can I do with Zoho Sheet?

What browsers does Zoho Sheet support?

What are the supported languages in Zoho Sheet?

What is the maximum number of cells with data that a Zoho Sheet file can have?

What are the keyboard shortcuts that I can use in Zoho Sheet?

How do I get the list of all the functions available in Zoho Sheet?

How do I save my spreadsheet?

Can versions be created in Zoho Sheet?

How do I access Zoho Sheet on a smartphone?

What are the supported formats that can be imported into Zoho Sheet?

What is the maximum file size allowed for import?

Can protected spreadsheets be imported?

What are the formats to which I can export a spreadsheet?

Can I export individual sheets in a spreadsheet?

How many spreadsheets can I export (or download) at a time?

Is there an option to use filters in Zoho Sheet?

Can I fetch data from an external source periodically?

Can I rotate a text vertically in Zoho Sheet?

Can I pass an array as function argument?

Can I view the changes made by collaborators in real time?

Can I be notified whenever shared users modify my spreadsheet?

How do I see the list of users viewing my spreadsheet that is shared with them?

Can I send an email to all the collaborators?

How do I make my spreadsheet public?

How do I embed my spreadsheet in a website/blog?

Can I hide and lock the formula cells while publishing a spreadsheet?

How do I restrict the users from exporting the published spreadsheet?

Can users make changes to my published spreadsheet?

Can I publish a specific range in my spreadsheet?

What are the various chart types that can be created in Zoho Sheet?

What is the language in which a macro is written in Zoho Sheet?

Can I record a macro and play it back?

What are the events supported in Zoho Sheet?

How do I run a macro every time a certain cell changes its value?

How do I run a macro automatically every time the spreadsheet is opened?

Does Zoho Sheet support User Defined Functions?

Is there any possibility to import/reuse the existing macro from one spreadsheet to another?

How do I lock cells in Zoho Sheet?

How can I hide gridines in Zoho Sheet?

Can read-only users have the option to filter data in a sheet?

I see the named filter option disabled in the menu. What should I do?

Can I replace an existing named filter with a new filter?

What is the maximum number of named filters I can create in a sheet?

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