What is Zoho Show?

Is Zoho Show operating-system dependent?

What are the browsers that are supported by Zoho Show?

What are the advantages of using Zoho Show over desktop-based presentation tools?

I have some unanswered questions. How do I get in touch with the support team of Zoho Show?

Can I create a presentation from scratch in Zoho Show?

Do I need to pay for using Zoho Show? Is Zoho Show completely free?

Can I save presentations that I create in Zoho Show on my computer?

Can I upload my existing presentations to Zoho Show? What file formats do you support?

Are there any upload or import limits in Zoho Show?

Can I delete my presentations?

Can I make a remote presentation (like a webinar where I present and my audience from around the world see it)?

When I make changes in a presentation that is already published, do I have to re-publish the presentation?

Can I print a presentation created using Zoho Show?

Can I add notes to my presentation?

Can an existing presentation be edited? Can slides be inserted, duplicated or deleted in an existing presentation?

What text formatting options does Zoho Show offer?

Can I include bulleted and numbered lists in my presentation?

Do you have Master support? How to access it?

How to add a shape or an image (logo) to all the slides in my presentations?

How to apply common styles for my presentation; say for example, fonts should look the same throughout the presentation?

In Bullets and Numbering, what is the maximum level supported? How to apply styles for each of these levels?

How to position my title text?

Is it possible to create a new layout?

Is it possible to create a new master?

What is a placeholder?

What are the different types of placeholder supported?

Can I edit the placeholder text in the Master slide?

How to add a common background to my slides?

How to create a slide using a different layout?

How to change the layout in an existing slide?

Can I copy a slide and paste it in a different presentation?

Do you support slide transitions?

How to reorder slides?

Can I select multiples slides and do operations like Delete, Copy, and Paste?

Can I hide a slide?

What are the formatting options available for shapes?

How to insert an image?

Can I modify the inserted image?

Can I crop an image? If so, how?

I have applied some properties in my shape? How do I reset the properties?

Can I copy a shape/image and paste it in a different presentation?

Can shapes/flowcharts be inserted/created?

Can I have transitional effects between slides?

Does Zoho Show support animation, video and sound?

Can everyone view or access presentations that I create with or import into Zoho Show presentations? Can I share my presentations with specific people?

What is the difference between a public and private presentation?

What is broadcasting a presentation?

Does Zoho Show allow me to chat online with my audience while broadcasting a presentation?

Does Zoho Show allow me to chat online with my audience while broadcasting a presentation?

I'm going to present at a meeting hall where there is no or limited net connectivity. Can I use Zoho Show there?

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