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PricingFree for 25 users $52 / User / Month $86 / User / Month

Storage & Sharing      

Storage 5 GB / User 100 GB / User 1 TB / User

File upload limit 1 GB 5 GB 25 GB

Desktop SyncSync files securely from your Windows, Mac and Ubuntu Linux computers Yes Yes Yes

File & Folder Sharing Unlimited Sharing Unlimited Sharing Unlimited Sharing

Share File & Folder As Link Yes Yes Yes

Email Notifications Yes Yes Yes

Folder Upload Yes Yes Yes

Dropbox Integration Yes Yes Yes

GApp Integration - Yes Yes

Password Protected Sharing - Yes Yes

Email-InEmail files directly into Zoho Docs - - Yes

Send MailSend a file as an attachment. - Yes Yes

Built-In Document Editors      

WriterCreate and edit documents with Zoho’s online word-processor. Yes Yes Yes

SheetCreate, edit and analyse data with Zoho’s online spreadsheet app. Yes Yes Yes

ShowCreate and deliver stunning online presentations. Yes Yes Yes


Version History Upto 25 Versions Unlimited Versions Unlimited Versions

Check-In/Check-Out Yes Yes Yes

Task Management - Yes Yes

Group Sharing - Yes Yes

Document Management      

Multi-level Folders Yes Yes Yes

Create & Edit Documents Online Yes Yes Yes

Zip/Unzip Files - Yes Yes

Tagging Yes Yes Yes

Full-Text Search Yes Yes Yes

Mobile Apps Yes Yes Yes

User Management      

Access Management Yes Yes Yes

Bulk Add/Edit Users Yes Yes Yes

Audit Log and Access Activity - Yes Yes

Reports - Yes Yes


SAML Based SSORequires SAML Identity Providers - - Yes

Active Directory Groups Requires SAML Identity Providers - - Yes

Digital Signature YesYesYes

Admin Governance      

Transfer Ownership - - Yes

Restore Deleted Document - - Yes

eDiscoveryData retrieval for investigation - - Yes